NBS Presents: KIERA CASS Book Signing Event

(Photo by Isabel @ Sab The Book Eater)


I met with Kayla De Leon first, a 15-yr old blogger who actually made me question myself: "What the hell am I doing when I was 15?" We were together from the registration (we registered around 11AM and we got numbers 312 and 313!!!) and waited until 8PM to have our books signed.

(Me with Kayla @ The Bookish Owl)

By the arrival of  Kiera CassTheSelectionPH fangirl group was so crazy that it made us, bloggers, go crazy too! Imagine a crowd full of girls screaming, shouting, cheering for Kiera Cass! Our eardrums were broke. Literally? I guess. Lol

Kiera Cass interviewed by the host

More than 600 fans attended the event!

View from the 3rd floor. The venue was overflowing with fans

It actually took me and Kayla 9hours to have our books signed. While waiting, we ate and wandered around the mall, going back to the venue every 15mins to check what numbers were in. When our batch was called, we squeaked with delight! Imagine, after 9 loooooooooooong hours! Woohoo!

Kiera Cass signing my books
A quick shot of me and Kiera Cass! *flails*

Anyway, it was my first time to meet my fellow PH bloggers so I was quite nervous on how to act around them. But honestly? It felt like we've met each other ages ago! It was good to know and feel that there are actually people whom I can continuously rant over a book with; people I can talk to and understand the blogger thingies (ARC, tours, etc); people who won't stop listening to your opinions about a certain book; people who understands the way you feel over fictional characters; and people who won't just nod and say "Ah, okay" to you after saying so many things.

(Me and Jesselle @ The Lifelong Bookworm)

(Me and Sab @ Sab The Book Eater)

(Me and Kate @ Kisskitkatey)

(Me and Louisse @ The Soul Sisters)

(Me and Leslie @ Bibliophilekid)

(Me and Dianne @ Oops! I Read A Book Again)

(L-R Lyra @ Defiantly Deviant, Kai @ Amaterasu Reads and Me) 
It was such a fun experience. I am hoping for more from you National Book Store! And I hope I could join the bloggers forum next time. :)

Here's my signed books!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I wish I could also attend an event with so many bookworms and book bloggers to meet. I haven't read the book yet and wish I did so I could have attended the book signing. :(

    Style Reader

    1. You should have! Many of those who attended haven't read the book as well, but still, they grabbed the opportunity to meet Kiera have their books signed. See you on the future NBS Book Signing Events! We hope to meet more book bloggers from the Philippines too! :)

  2. Eeeeeeee.

    I had bad timing. :( We had exams on Monday so I had to stay home and study. But I wanted sooo badly to go. :( But I'm glad to see that you enjoyed it.

    Jules of Jules Bookshelf

    1. That's okay, hope to see you this September at the Manila International Book Fair! Three bestselling authors will be there! Melissa dela Cruz, Alyson Noel, and Margaret Stohl! ;)


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