"Waiting On" Wednesday [4]: ALLEGIANT (Divergent #3) by Veronica Roth

This is a weekly meme hosted by Jill froBreaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

My week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection is:

Allegiant (Divergent #3)
by Veronica Roth
Series: Divergent
Expected Publication: October 22, 2013
by HarperCollins Children's Books

One choice will define you.
What if your whole world was a lie?
What if a single revelation—like a single choice—changed everything?
What if love and loyalty made you do things you never expected?
The explosive conclusion to Veronica Roth’s #1 New York Times bestselling Divergent trilogy reveals the secrets of the dystopian world that has captivated millions of readers in Divergent and Insurgent.

How about you? What's on your "can't-wait-to-read" list this week? :)


National Book Store Event: KIERA CASS Book Signing Event in Manila and Cebu, PH

What: Kiera Cass Book Signing Event

When: August 3, 4 pm
Where: National Book Store, Glorietta 1
Registration starts at 10 am

When: August 4, 3 pm
Where: Activity Center, Ayala Center Cebu
Registration starts at 12 pm


Kiera Cass is the New York Times bestselling author of The Selection series, as well as the self-published fantasy novel The Siren. She is a graduate of Radford University and currently lives in Blacksburg, Virginia, with her family. Kiera has kissed approximately fourteen boys in her life. None of them were princes. You can learn more about Kiera’s books, videos, and love of cake online at www.kieracass.com.


For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime.

The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels. To live in a palace and compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince Maxon.

But for America Singer, being Selected is a nightmare. It means turning her back on her secret love with Aspen, who is a caste below her. Leaving her home to enter a fierce competition for a crown she doesn't want. Living in a palace that is constantly threatened by violent rebel attacks.

Then America meets Prince Maxon. Gradually, she starts to question all the plans she's made for herself—and realizes that the life she's always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined.


The Selection began with thirty-five girls. Now, with the group narrowed down to the Elite, the competition to win Prince Maxon’s heart is fiercer than ever—and America is still struggling to decide where her own heart truly lies. Is it with Maxon, who could make her life a fairy tale? Or with her first love, Aspen, who she always thought was the one? 

America is desperate for more time. But the rest of the Elite know exactly what they want—and America’s chance to choose is about to slip away.

Kiera Cass Book Signing Event Frequently Asked Questions 

When will the registration be? 

Registration opens at 10:00 am on August 3 at National Book Store, Glorietta 1 and 12:00 pm on August 4 at the Activity Center of Ayala Center Cebu. Each guest will be asked to fill out the registration form upon arrival. 

Is there a registration fee? 

No. There is no registration fee. 

How many books can I have signed? 

You may have any number of books signed as long as they were purchased from National Book Store, Bestsellers or Powerbooks. However, although we will take every effort to get as many books signed as possible, we reserve the right to limit the number of copies per person depending on how many attend the event. First come, first served. 

Can I bring old books or other editions of the books? 
Yes, as long as the books were purchased from National Book Store, Bestsellers and Powerbooks. 

Do I need to buy on-site? 
No. You can buy books before or during the event. 

How much are the books? 
The Selection (Trade Paperback) is P349. The Elite (Trade Paperback) is P349. The hardcover editions of The Selection and The Elite will be available at the events for P625 each. 

Can we have our photo taken with the author? 
Yes, you can have your photo with the author when she signs your book. However, we strictly allow one photo per person only.



Book Review Tour + Giveaway: LEGACY OF A DREAMER by Allie Jean

Legacy of a Dreamer
by Allie Jean
Published: May 2, 2012
Publisher: The Writer's Coffee Shop
Buy Links: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

Chantal Breelan is a ward of the state, living under the care of a woman who is cold and heartless. Her past is a mystery, and her future is even more uncertain. She can’t recall why she had been taken from her parents and so she’s left with nothing but an empty hole where her childhood should have been. When she awakens from her nightmares, she’s left with terrible, violent images, as well as a boy whose face is oddly familiar, yet can’t be placed.

Scared and alone, Chantal begins to confide in an imaginary friend – a shadow in the shape of a man who stands in the corner of her room. She is comforted when she believes he listens to her. On her eighteenth birthday, Chantal is forced to leave her foster home. She moves to New York City, but the start of her new life doesn't begin as smoothly as she’d hoped. One night at a subway station, Chantal meets a young boy who runs away from her, and she’s compelled to follow him down into the tunnels. But this Rabbit Hole reveals a world where reality is a nightmare.

Mathias is a descendant of a Fallen Angel and beholden to wage an unfathomable war against an ancient evil, spawned by greed and spite. A powerful fighter, he and his brethren of Warriors vow to pay recompense for the sins of their fathers by guarding the most precious, piercing light against the darkness – the females of their kind. The Warriors' pledge is to find and protect the Oracles, their sisters and kin. Long have they fought, shedding sweat and blood, hoping that their struggles are not in vain. Yet in his sacrifice and service he may find life’s ultimate reward – a love to surpass all time.


Chapter Eight Excerpt
(or click HERE)

Chantal awoke from her dream, a layer of sweat covering her entire body. She sat up, disoriented and realizing she was in darkness.

Shaking off vague remnants of the horrible nightmare, she tried to regain her bearings.

“Hello?” she called, not expecting an answer. Perhaps somewhere in the back of her mind she hoped that Monica had come back to stay.


There was a small clanking noise from across the room. Maybe it was just the settling of the wood framing, she thought, knowing full well wood didn’t make that kind of noise. She swallowed hard against a thick lump in her throat, her hand trembling as she reached for the new bedside lamp she’d borrowed from Monica. She clicked the dangling cord, but the light didn’t come on.

Chantal panicked, clicking the cord a couple of more times in fast succession. Then, taking a deep, steadying breath, she fumbled with the nightstand drawer, trying to find the old flashlight she kept there as backup.

Finding it, she felt a small spark of relief. But the stupid thing didn’t turn on. She hit the side like she’d done before, but nothing happened. The old batteries had given out.

Why didn’t I pick up more batteries? She silently scolded herself

This felt unnatural, like one of her nightmares. It had happened before, when she thought she’d awoken from her dream, only to realize the nightmares had tricked her, trapping her in a horror film so twisted it had left her anxious for weeks.

The clanking came again, this time more forceful, and she hoped one of her friends from the subway hadn’t followed her home.

“You better be a rat!” she said, and squinted into the darkness, hoping her eyes would adjust. The street lamp outside her apartment offered some help, but the majority of her room was dark and gloomy, congregating by the kitchen where the damn noise came from.Choice Four

Hating that she felt so terrified and vulnerable, Chantal couldn’t help but look over to Nick’s corner. Maybe his presence would help alleviate her fear. There he was, with his head angled in her direction.

“The lights won’t come on,” she said, speaking to him aloud for the first time now that she lived alone. “I don’t know if that means some boogey man is coming for me, or my landlord needs to fix the connections.”

Silence greeted her, leaving a void both ominous and soothing, and she wasn’t sure if she preferred it to the clanking noise. She snuggled down into bed, pulling the covers up once more.

“You know, I would’ve said I was being ridiculous, but after today, I . . .”

She didn’t want to admit out loud what she’d seen because somehow it would make it all the more real. She glanced at Nick, feeling foolish and tired at the same time. She felt exhaustion from many sources, and she wished she could just sleep without the dreams, without the worries of the real world. Now, she had a whole new element to add to the scenario.

“Why did it come after me?” she asked, staring toward Nick as if his unchanging figure would have all her answers. “What did that . . . boy . . . mean when he said the shadows were coming for me?”

Nick, ever her faithful, silent companion, didn’t offer her anything but something to focus on. The fact that she depended on him was silly, but she couldn’t find it in her to care.

The clanking noise started again, this time in a steady, unwavering beat.

“That’s it,” she said, pulling the covers off her and headed in the direction of the main light switch. She’d figure out what caused the noise once and for all, but as she passed by Nick’s shadow, something caught her attention.

The head of the shadow had moved, as if following her, and she could have sworn she saw what looked like a pair of eyes, and she gasped.

There was a menacing laugh coming from the same direction as the rhythmic noise, and she backed away, terrified. A large shadow that hadn’t been there before took up the majority of her small kitchen. It moved and swayed to the beat of the clanking, like a tree caught in the breeze.

She bit the inside of her lip, a test she did often to make sure she was awake. This felt too much like a nightmare to be real, but the sharp sting and metallic taste of blood told her she was, in fact, awake. Her back met the wall behind her as she spread her fingers out against the plaster, bracing herself and wishing she could find a way out of this.

“It’ssss time, my dear,” an evil voice said from across the room, making the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She didn’t know what to do or where to go. The door to the hallway was on the opposite side of the apartment, and it was impossible to get there without getting closer to that shadow.

She glanced back in Nick’s direction, not knowing what to do, but he stood there, offering no help, those almost clear eyes holding her gaze. She wanted to tell him to do something if he was real, but an almost imperceptible shake of his shadowed head kept her silent. She bit her bottom lip to keep it from trembling.

“What do you want from me?” she asked the moving shadow, her voice quavering in fear.

“Your death,” the thing said, taking a step out of the darkness. “Or the equivalent would be niiiiice.”

It was a grotesque creature wrapped in a thick, dark cloak, and it shuffled from side to side as it moved, its three-toed feet offering a wide base, its bald head holding no eyes or features but a yawning, empty mouth filled with rows of razor-sharp teeth.

The clanking noise got louder as it moved closer, and Chantal noticed something hanging from the front of its robes.

“You like it?” it asked, laughing and holding up the long chain of dangling things that clanked together as it moved. They looked like little baseballs in the dim lighting, but something inside told her they were far more horrendous. “These are the heads of your kin. The ones I found while they were still in infancy.”

She covered her mouth, trying to avoid being sick. The skulls of babies hitting one another produced the sound, and she couldn’t help but let out a little cry. It laughed at her, holding up the makeshift belt so that she could get a better view.

“Don’t feel bad for them, my lamb. They had it easy, probably didn’t even feel a thing. You, on the other hand . . .”

It pulled out a long serrated blade, the edges of it coated in what looked like dried blood. Chantal moved along the wall frantically, trying to find a means of escape.

“Why? Who are you?” she shouted.

“I’m The Sssseeker, my dear. I’m the one who finds your kin and wipes them out.”

“There must be a mistake,” she said, frantic. “I’m not who you think I am.”

“Oh, but you are. I can smell the scent of Grace on you a mile away.”

The creature came closer, its stench nauseating. Chantal wanted to scream but didn’t, not wanting to alarm her neighbors. She wouldn’t drag them into her nightmare.

She had the urge to fight him off but didn’t have any sort of weapon within reach. She could hear Natalie’s voice in her mind telling her countless times to make sure she bought a gun once she reached the city, but Chantal had always brushed the warning off. Now, she wished she’d listened. Hell, even a baseball bat would do right now.

The thing came closer, shuffling steps dragging it across the floor. She glanced toward Nick, hoping that he’d pop out of the shadow and come to rescue her, but he wasn’t there. His silhouette had disappeared, along with any hope she had beforehand.

She scrambled across the wall, heading toward her bed, hoping she could find something to defend herself. She pushed herself across the mattress, keeping the thing in view as she reached for the lamp. He laughed, both of them knowing she was pathetic. He raised his blade as his oozing mouth formed a horrifying smile.

“Excuse me,” a male voice said from behind the cloaked figure, making both the creature and Chantal pause. A man stepped into view, grayskinned, dark-haired, dressed in only a black pair of jeans with those distinct eyes Chantal had seen in the alleyway. “I think the??????????????????????????????????????? lady’s made it clear she wants you to back off. Besides, you’re kind of gross.”

The creature lunged at the gray-skinned man, thrusting his blade toward his bare torso. The man spun, melting into the darkness, becoming part of the shadow again. He reappeared behind the creature, yielding a blade of his own.

They fought ferociously as Chantal sat frozen on her bed. Each had the ability to move like lightning; each could disappear into the darkness.

“She will die, Warrior, no matter how many you send to protect her,” the creature said, spitting his dark venom onto the floor as he whipped around in attempt to slice at the man’s lower torso.

“Not by your hand, and not while I’m still around,” the gray man said, hacking his blade through the air and just missing the creature’s melonshaped head.

“You protect her in vain,” it said, landing a punch to the man’s flank.

“She’s survived this long,” the gray man said, plunging his blade deep into the creature’s abdomen. It sputtered, spraying black liquid onto the floor. “And she will survive tonight, just like I said she would.” He twisted the blade, causing the creature let out a gurgled cry, and a torrent of fluid poured from the creature’s terrible mouth, leaving a puddle on the floor.

The thing melted in front of her, joining the filth on the floor. Once the creature had dissolved, the remains sizzled like acid and then disappeared.

The man stood, his blade held out at an angle, the length of it covered in black ooze. His eyes were vacant, his mouth moving as if in prayer. Chantal watched him, horrified and amazed at the same time.

“Nick?” she said. He glanced up and captured her with his angelic eyes.

“You know, I’ve always wondered why you call me that.”



Upon reading the synopsis and seeing the cover of this book, I immediately signed up for the review tour. Well, it's because I also love reading books about dreams and mysteries. The first chapters of this book gave me the chills. Especially the scene at the altar. Oh boy, that gave me a nightmare. Literally. I even thought about stop reading it because of the experience. But I told myself, NO. I have to finish this. I just have to. I guess I just have to open all the lights when reading at night, since that's only the time wherein I can really focus on reading. XD

I was so scared of the monsters in the book, the horror it gave me, if only you can imagine it. Reading this book is like watching a horror film as well. Images would fill your imagination. I feel like I'm in the shoes of Chantal, even though the book wasn't written in the first person point of view. The writer did very well in bringing the readers into the world of the main characters. WOW.

And then there goes my favorite part in reading: the handsome and gentleman (slash warrior) that would always save the day and make me giggle and blush to myself. I was surprised to meet him while reading, since he wasn't mentioned in the synopsis.

Nick (I also prefer to call him that) is just amazing. He is a fallen angel, who turns to step out from the shadows everytime our dreamer (Chantal) seems to face danger because of her strange and mysterious dreams. His appearance also gave clarity to Chantal's true identity. I just hope he's real. I wish for a hot angel that would always comfort me everytime I''m having bad dreams. 

The part where there were little girls who were having the same condition as Chantal broke my heart. The fact that shadow warriors like Nick, longed to see them after their fights melted my heart. I just love that part. I always admire badass-looking guys cuddling cute little children. They make them look gentle, not soft, and still handsome. 

This book is a great read. It's a total page turner especially for those who seek mystery.The author totally captivated me and I am looking forward to read the sequel!




Allie Jean

Allie Jean was born with an overactive imagination. She spent her childhood inventing stories and telling tales. Her mind never shut down, even while she slept. Vivid dreams containing extensive, elaborate plot lines of good overcoming evil villains captured her nightly visions, lingering into her waking hours and filling the pages of her well-loved bounded diaries. She was encouraged by her parents, even at a young age, to write down her tales, and it has remained a somewhat secret hobby. As a busy wife, mother and critical care nurse, Allie’s love of storytelling has been reborn through the adventures of her unforgettable characters.

Author Links:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


($10.00 Amazon, B&N, Kobo or iBooks, Gift Card)

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Virtual Book Tour: WHEN I FIND YOU by Dixie Lee Brown

When I Find You
 A Trust No One Novel
by Dixie Lee Brown
Release Date: July 16th, 2013
Buy Links: AmazonB&NiTunes


Dixie Lee Brown continues her heart-racing Trust No One series with a sexy veteran determined to protect an innocent woman on the run.

As a former Marine, Walker could find a needle in a haystack. But when he's asked by the U.S. Marshals to track down a nanny fleeing from the mafia, he's sure she'll be more trouble than she's worth. Especially after the sexy little thing clubs him and leaves him for dead. Walker's stunned by her courage—and her curves—and can't help feeling drawn to this damsel trying to dig her way out of distress. He'll find her, and when he does, it'll take more than the mafia to tear him away.

Darcy Maddox never expected to be running for her life. But when it suddenly looks like foe may become friend, Darcy's faced with a choice: Go it alone or trust a man she just met—never mind the way his touch gets her heart pounding. The choice seems simple enough until she realizes it's not just her life at stake—it's her heart.


Chapter 1

The sharp crack of a gunshot echoed through the silence. Darcy jerked upright in bed, the troubled thoughts keeping her from sleep suddenly forgotten. Her breath caught in her throat as she froze, staring into the darkness, listening. She had to be wrong. It couldn’t be gunfire. The slamming of a cupboard door maybe or a car backfiring on the street at the end of the drive. That was all. She released her pent-up breath and forced herself to relax while easing the tension from her neck, her spine, her stomach…except, apparently there was no help for the ball of dread that knotted her stomach. She shook her head. Since when had she become so paranoid? Her imagination was really working overtime tonight.

The next shot shattered the rosy image she’d conjured and propelled her from the bed to the door, her hands braced against it as though she were strong enough to barricade herself from the evil that lurked outside.

She lost track of time. Seconds blurred into minutes as she waited. No voices. No doors opening or closing. Not even the creak of a floorboard. Nothing. She opened her door a crack and held her breath. The gunfire had come from downstairs, but the only sound now was the tick, tick, tick of the grandfather clock in the hallway outside her room. A ribbon of light revealed the top few steps leading to the lower level. Her heart drummed wildly in her ears, and she forced air into her lungs and let it out, fortifying herself against the lightheadedness that made her legs weak and shaky.

She couldn’t stay here hiding. She had to do something—but what? Go downstairs? Johnny and she were the only ones in the house, at least the only ones who were supposed to be here. What if he was hurt? He might need help, but whoever fired those shots could still be down there. The police? It would take them forever to get here. She leaned her forehead against the cool wooden door, squeezed her eyes shut and fought the indecision and terror that immobilized her.

Darcy had known there was something wrong this morning as she’d watched the two young boys she cared for follow their mother to the cab parked out front. Any other day, she’d have been helping them get ready for school. After they left, the threat still hung in the empty hallways and deserted grounds, and the silence that descended over the house tonight practically shouted a warning.

She’d bet anything her employer, Johnny Fontana, knew there was something wrong too. Why else would he have given the entire household staff a three-day weekend and sent his wife and sons to visit family in California? He’d wanted Darcy to leave today too and even insisted on paying her expenses to visit her parents in Oregon.

The thought of seeing her father filled her with dread, so she’d used a doctor’s appointment as an excuse to delay her departure. She couldn’t explain to Johnny how one sad smile from her father reawakened all the pain and guilt and reminded her in vivid detail why she’d left Oregon in the first place. She loved her father and missed her mother terribly, but there was too much left unsaid between them. Johnny wasn’t completely satisfied with the compromise she’d offered but eventually gave in, and Darcy had made arrangements to leave tomorrow afternoon to visit a friend from college.

Now, the stillness settled around her and a feeling of impending doom sucked the air from her lungs. A grimace twisted her lips. Clearly Johnny had a very good reason for insisting she go. Perhaps it wouldn’t have hurt to be a little more flexible.

She should have known something like this would happen when she decided to stay and work for Johnny, even after she learned who he was. What rational person takes a job as nanny to a gangster’s sons anyway? Her father didn’t have any trouble deciding the extent of her foolishness from clear across the country, and he didn’t hesitate to tell her what she should do. Pack her bags and get out. Was that why she stayed? To prove to her father she could take care of herself? Clearly not the wisest decision she’d ever made.


Dixie Lee Brown

DIXIE LEE BROWN started writing romantic suspense nearly twenty years ago. Then life took a few unexpected turns, and the writing career was put on hold in favor of starting a new life and a new job. One’s passion is not easily forgotten, however. Two years ago, Dixie started writing again-a YA novel-but, before she could finish, another idea pushed to the forefront and wouldn’t go away until a full-fledged novel was completed.

That idea became All or Nothing, the first book in the Trust No One series. All or Nothing placed third in the 2011 TARA Contest (Tampa Area Romance Authors) in the romantic suspense category.

Dixie now lives in sunny Central Oregon with two small dogs and a cat for company while she writes the third book of the Trust No One series. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, movies and trips to the beach.

Author Links

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Blurb Tour + Giveaway : DANCING WITH DETECTIVE DANGER by Lynn Crandall

Dancing with Detective Danger
by Lynn Crandall
Available at: AmazonB&NiTunesKobo

Uncovering secrets and exposing truth are all in a day’s work for private investigator Sterling Aegar. But when her latest case threatens to reveal her own buried feelings for an old love, Sterling runs for cover.

A body in the bathtub and pleas from a jilted wife to find her wayward husband mean a welcome break from the usual humdrum cases Sterling and her sister, Lacey, are called to investigate. But when Sterling’s old flame, Detective Ben Kirby, walks into the murder scene, she feels her world spin out of control. Danger from thugs and murderers poses no greater threat than the peril she’d suffer if she lets daredevil Ben get too close.

Seeing Sterling for the first time in two years is for Ben like drinking in a healing tonic. He could never forget the way it felt to run his hands over her delicious curves or the way she touched his soul. She remains the one person who can make the emptiness in his gut go away. Finding the murderer is his job, but protecting Sterling from seriously dangerous people is his mission.
As the case unfolds, Sterling and Ben not only solve the murder and locate the missing husband, they confront secrets that set them each free from a painful past.


Here’s a peek at the main characters’ first meet up in since their break up two years ago, told from the hero’s point of view.

Ben stood behind the richly embroidered drapes at the condo’s living room window and
discreetly watched Sterling walk to the car as he shuffled paperwork through his fingers. Her
petite frame, dressed in a slim gray suit, pulled his attention as though he had no control.

That’s the way it was with her. He hadn’t seen her for two years, but all during that time he’d
been unable to will her out of his thoughts for very long. Seeing her up close and feeling her
presence today had stirred up old feelings inside him. After they’d gotten together, the terrible loneliness he’d grown to live with had vanished. It hadn’t mattered that before she’d come along he’d had no one, no family, because she’d completely filled the emptiness in his gut. Then when she left, he’d felt all the more alone for having known but lost her.

Sterling’s straight, chestnut-colored hair had grown longer, brushing gently against her slim
shoulders. He liked it. And the two years apart had worn beautifully on her fine-boned face. She looked even lovelier than he remembered. In the brief moments he’d stood next to her, he’d taken in everything: her shapely curves, her intense, blue-green eyes, her sensuously curved lips the color of a rich Merlot wine.

Ben’s stomach tightened. It had to happen sooner or later, he thought to himself. Even though Sterling had left his life, it seemed inevitable that they’d run into each other sometime while working a case. He’d like to think it meant their destinies were intimately intertwined. That even though their paths might occasionally diverge and meander, they were actually headed in the same direction. She’d been emphatic at their breakup that there was no future for the two of them—that they wanted different things in life—but he just didn’t believe it. He believed in possibilities, and though in the interim he’d given Sterling her space, the hope remained strong in him that eventually, along the way, they would come together again, perhaps even stronger than before.

Ben watched Sterling drive away and couldn’t help himself. Was it too much to hope maybe
this time it could be different?


Lynn Crandall started spinning stories as a child when she tried to entertain her younger sister at night when they were supposed to be going to sleep. In the dark, her stories typically took on a scary or paranormal element -- didn't do much to put them to sleep. Today, she hopes her stories still fail to put readers to sleep, but rather take them on a journey. That's what she’s been on since she decided to make writing her focus. As a reporter and magazine feature writer, she truly enjoys learning as she works on stories. As a romance writer, she enjoys doing the research and following an evolving story of the characters.

You can also find her at:


($10.00 Amazon or B&N Gift Card)

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Book Launch + Giveaway: BLACK MOON (Ink #3) by Holly Hood

Black Moon (Ink #3)
by Holly Hood
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Slade saved her life...
but none of that matters anymore...

Torn between her love for Slade and her own existence, Hope has to fight to keep one while battling to save the other. They say it all falls apart in the end. Walking away isn’t always easy.
Hope believed in Slade…
But sometimes belief has a horrible way of destroying your life.
Can their love survive or will it all just fall apart?

Holly Hood

I'm a toledoan, born and raised in Toledo, Ohio my whole life pretty much. I was lucky enough to enjoy the south for three years, and I loved it.

I am a mother of four beautiful kids, a wife, sister, friend, reality tv and music junkie. And I enjoy a good book, one that has me laughing so hard I could puke, or maybe something that makes me cry. I have always been one that enjoyed a tear jerker, probably why I am so fond of Grey's anatomy, and Celebrity rehab.

Writing is the road to freedom for me, I have always enjoyed it since I was around 11 years old.

INT'L GIVEAWAYS (Yes, with an 'S'!)

1st Giveaway: e-book by author Brandi Salazar and a $20 Amazon gift card

 2nd Giveaway: Ink Series: Bundle! (includes Ink, Twisted Magic and Black Moon!) and a $10 Amazon gift card


Cover Reveal: DEVIOUS by Suzannah Daniels

Devious by Suzannah Daniels  
Series: Dangerous, #2
Publication date: August 22nd, 2013
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance


Stone Hamilton had never been known for being the good guy. Just ask anyone who knows him. But things have changed since he started dating the sultry goody-two-shoes that he met over the summer. Now that it’s his senior year at Quail Mountain High, can he manage to hold on to the girl who’s stolen his heart or is it only a matter of time until he screws it all up?

If someone had told Dara Golding last school year that she’d be dating an ominous, wheelie-popping, biker boy her senior year, she would’ve scoffed. But she’s learned there’s a lot more to Stone Hamilton than she originally thought. Or is there?

How far will Stone go to hold on to the girl who has changed his world?

Don't miss out Dangerous (Dangerous #1)!


Suzannah Daniels has had an affinity for words for as long as she can remember. She grew up in North Georgia with four brothers, so she learned at an early age to admire snakes and motorcycles. When she wasn't pestering her brothers, she could usually be found reading or writing.

She is the author of Viking's Embrace, a historical romance, and Ghostly Encounter, Book One of her Ghostly series (young adult paranormal romance).

Currently, she lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee with her husband and her teenage daughter. Her son lives nearby. The family pets include a Lab mix, a Basset Hound, a Shih Tzu, and a sweet, little kitty.

Author links:

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Book Blast + INT Giveaway: The Devil Drinks Coffee by Destiny Ford

The Devil Drinks Coffee
by Destiny Ford

A cow suicide, a revolving door rescue, and the birth of a bright purple pig are starting to make Kate Saxee wonder if taking a job in her small hometown of Branson Falls, Utah, was such a great idea. As The Branson Tribune editor, Kate covers local news, which, more often than not, involves her accident-prone mom. Nothing truly newsworthy has ever happened in the quiet town until local teen Chelsea Bradford turns up dead in a Branson Falls lake.

The police rule Chelsea’s death an accident, but Kate suspects there’s more to the story—and she’s not the only one. Two of Branson’s most eligible bachelors are determined to help her solve the crime—among other things. But the small town social network is faster than Twitter, and gossip about Kate’s love-life is quickly branding her the Branson Falls hussy.

As Kate learns more about Chelsea, she discovers that plenty of people are trying to cover up the real story behind the girl’s death—including Chelsea’s parents. Now Kate has to juggle work, men, her mom’s most recent disaster involving a low-speed John Deere Combine chase on the freeway, and fend off the Mormons heaven-bent on saving her soul—all while solving Chelsea’s murder. Dealing with this is going to require a lot of coffee, chocolate frosted donuts, Neil Diamond’s greatest hits, and a slew of words not on the town approved imitation swear list.


Destiny Ford

As a child, Angela Corbett’s most prized possession was a set of read-along books. She used to follow along with the narrator on the stereo and dream of when she would be able to read by herself. Her childhood reading habit led her to consider her future career. However, after consulting with her parents, she realized she had already exceeded hobbit height and since fairies and dragonslayers were tricky jobs to get, she decided she wanted to create worlds of her own. She started writing poetry in elementary school and worked as a journalist in high school and college, but could never leave her love for writing fiction behind.

She is a graduate of Westminster College where she double majored in communication and sociology. She has worked as a journalist, freelance writer, and director of communications and marketing. She loves classic cars, traveling, and escaping in a good book. She lives in Utah with her incredibly supportive husband and their five-pound Pomeranian, Pippin, whose following of fangirls could rival Justin Bieber’s.

Eternal Starling is her debut novel and the first book in the Emblem of Eternity trilogy.

The Devil Drinks Coffee by Destiny Ford is on SALE for $0.99 on Amazon from July 1-3.

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Book Review: MELANCHOLIC DELIGHT by Tista Ray

Melancholic Delight
by Tista Ray 
Publisher: Smriti Publishers
Page count: 80 pages

Book blurb:
‘There’s no love like the first love. There’s no feeling like the desperation to attain true love. Love or lust matters not when two eyes meet, uniting the souls at once’

It’s this love which frees Sri from the reign of darkness and makes her heart rise to lofty heights of anticipated passion with no one to pull her back to reality. It’s Jishu, who appears as the first ray of hope in her overshadowed life and showers her with the ultimate sense of freedom, which she has been craving for. He fills her life with the long awaited perfection. To a flawed person he appears as the flawless. He becomes one among her most perfect acquaintances, but is he really as unblemished as he appears to be. If so, can a flawed person risk a life with the flawless? Do opposites really attract each other or it deviate them from their normal avenues of life?

It’s a deeply compelling love affair which takes the readers back to their childhood memories and brings back to them the essence of true love.

The changing relations of a man’s life add force to the much ordinary teenage passion. The book is not just about love. It’s about a journey called life which either ends in melancholy or in delight.


[Received an e-ARC for an honest review]

I was eager to start reading this book when I saw the title. I don't know why but the words "Melancholic Delight" quite caught my attention. In addition to this, the cover of the book looks mysterious, which I also liked.

The story is about a not-so-good mother-daughter relationship between Sri and her Mom. Maybe some readers will relate to this kind of situation... (Sometimes, I do. Hehe)

As the story went on, I felt like I am lost and no longer connected to the story. I can't bring myself into Sri's shoes and I suddenly don't understand the story. How can you consider someone to be your first love, and foresee him as your future partner just because you're mom asked him how you do in school? I can't really tell if the pacing is just too fast or some sentences doesn't make sense at all. There are times when I have to reread some lines (even a chapter) just to understand it all.

The lines in this book are too descriptive that they started to pour out of the box.

My Rating: