Cover Reveal: THE NEVER MOMENTS by Diane Bocco

The Never Moments
by Diane Bocco

Nisha has been in love with blue-eyed, always-gets-what-he-wants Jason for as long as she can remember.

Too bad he doesn't even know she exists. And too bad she's supposed to marry some other guy her Indian parents chose for her years ago.

Nisha is going to follow tradition and honor her arranged marriage. But before she does that, she wants a night with Jason. A night where she's willing to give it all, feel it all, surrender it all... except her virginity.

Too bad Jason has other plans.


Diane Bocco

Growing up, I wanted to be the female version of Indiana Jones: Travel the world and uncover ancient mysteries, like the physics behind the pyramids or who painted the Nazca lines. Somehow along the way I ended up studying nutrition, TV production and literature. Talk about mixing things up!

For the past decade, freelance writing has taken me to the dusty streets of Phnom Penh, the manicured gardens of Tokyo and the cobbled alleyways of Prague. I’ve lived in five countries on three continents and taken my pets along to each one of them. They’ve probably accumulated more flight mileage than most of my friends!

It’s probably no surprise that I love to travel, but I also enjoy less “typical” things, such as winter and snow, old libraries and creepy abandoned buildings. When I’m not writing, I spend time picking up stray animals, reading obscure little books in foreign languages, and planning crazy stunts like parachuting and hiking in Ojmjakon (you have to look it up to understand).

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