(ARC) Book Review: CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE by Cheryl Harper

Can't Help Falling in Love
by Cheryl Harper
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Expected Publication: August 20th 2013 by Avon Romance
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The staff of Cheryl Harper's Elvis-themed Rock'n'Rolla Hotel are back with a funny, fresh romance that goes undercover—under the covers!
As a former Marine, hotel manager Tony Ortega has plenty of experience assessing threats, and the hotel's newest guest, Randa Whitmore, is a code red. Tall, blonde, and with legs for miles, she may look like his every fantasy, but he knows she's not really visiting for the famed Elvis Week. Though dangerously drawn to his new guest, Tony will do anything to protect his job . . . especially if it means sleeping with the enemy.
Business strategist Randa Whitmore never meant to be undercover in Memphis. In August. Sweating her expensive spa treatments away. But snagging another perfect hotel location for her father's empire means using all the tricks in her designer arsenal. And even though the sexy, tattooed manager seems oblivious to her charms, Randa's prepared to bring out the big guns—just so long as she can stay objective and out of Tony's muscled arms. After all, it's just business, right?


When I tried requesting titles from Edelweiss, the first book I requested is this Contemporary Romance from Cheryl Harper. I know the title is a very common one, but I tell you, the story is really good in a funny and romantic way!

First of all, let's check in at the awesome Rock'n'Rolla hotel, where it's theme is based on the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley! He's my granny's number one crush, so I guess she'll want to live in this hotel for the rest of her life. And the burger? That mouth-watering burger they serve at the bar? I'm craaaaavvviiiiinnnnggggg.

Randa Whitmore is one smokin' hot lady. Beautiful, sex, smart. Beauty and brains indeed. I love and adore her especially she has passion for dogs. I wish I have a dog like Misty... (Look at the cover!) And guess what? She's a book lover! Randa is the ideal type of woman most guys would dream to have. She looks so damn irresistable, wearing those heels with such poise. I guess that't the reason why Tony wanted her so bad. OMG Tony. The hot, ex-marine, and manager of Rock'n'Rolla hotel. Tall, dark, handsome, and freakin' attractive. And a book lover too!
"Growing up, I could never get enough books. No money. No one to take me to the library. Nobody who read to me or around me. And all I wanted was more books."
The way Tony looks at Randa is melting. Even though he doesn't want it to look obvious, he wanted her so bad. And what he doesn't know is that Randa feels the same way too. Randa wants to keep in her mind that she's there for a plain, total business for her family (or her father). But she can't resist her desire for him as much as he desires her.
"Instead of setting him on edge or making him nervous, the way every touch had for the first year he'd been home, he wanted her to move that hand. All over. He had plenty of bare skin. He wanted her to touch all of it."
Randa's life maybe centered between money and shoes, but Tony changed her somehow. He taught her a lot of things through their small talks. Then here comes Willodean, the hotel owner who's as cool as ice. I love her. She values the hotel not as her business but as her home. She values the staff not as employees and workers, but as her family.
"Maybe you don't get it, but people matter more than things. I don't have a lot of things but I remember the people who made a difference to me. And I don't want to forget how lucky I've been."
Can't Help Falling In Love is a well-written novel that wouldn't bore you from the first page up to the last. This maybe one of those insta-love stories, but you will definitely learn a lot from it, especially in decision-making, trust, and self-confidence. I'm totally recommending this you guys and I'm looking forward to read more from Cheryl Harper.



"That first day, I would have said it was impossible. But I can't help falling in love with you."
-Randa Whitmore



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