Review: NO ONE'S HERO by Kelly Walker

No One's Hero
by Kelly Walker
Series: Chadwell Hearts #2
Genre: New Adult Romance
Published May 22nd 2014 by Kelly Walker
Format Acquired: Kindle Edition
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Tired of living for the one who died, Lexi Feron is ready to throw caution to the wind. For eighteen years she’s been careful not to upset her fragile family, all the while knowing she’ll only ever be half of enough. Now, she’s done with careful. College is her chance to escape, to be free. To love. To live. 
Someone wants her to die. 
Kevin Morrison is haunted by the one he didn’t save. The one he wasn’t supposed to love. The mistake he can never take back, but is determined never to make again. A cushy job guarding a college freshman is exactly what he needs to get his confidence back. He’s just got to keep her safe until the drug dealer out for revenge goes on trial, then he can move on and forget all about her. 
She has other plans. 
No matter how much Lexi insists she doesn’t need a bodyguard, especially not one as mercurial as Kevin, she might be exactly what he needs. Because despite his best efforts, the spunky girl with a smart mouth and reckless streak awakens something in his heart that he thought was lost. But what if the real danger to Lexi, is Lexi? 
To save her life, he'll have to surrender his heart. 

I loved No One's Hero so much that I hope Kelly didn't grow tired of me fangirling on her over the internet. But seriously, she's one of the most awesome authors ever!
Moving on...

No One's Hero covers the story of Kevin and Lexi. Based on what I still remember (Well, it's been a long time since I read No One's Angel so forgive me LOL) Lexi is one of the witnesses against Angel's ex-boyfriend, Nick. Nick's men are in search for Lexi while he's in jail so Lexi really needs some sort of protection. This is where Arion kinda hired his friend, Kevin to serve as Lexi's bodyguard while she's in college. Lexi didn't want this, but she can't do anything about it so she just hates Kevin just as she hates the whole situation. Yet, she still can't deny the chemistry that instantly builds up between them.

"For whatever stupid reason, there's chemistry between us that I can't deny, and it's making it hard to him. And I definitely want to hate him."
Lexi is tired of her life living behind the shadow of her twin sister who is long dead and gone. She's excited for college so she can finally break free of her parents and enjoy her life. But she got it all wrong. She's not coming to college alone, Kevin will be there to guide and protect her. Well, if I were Lexi, I wouldn't care at all. A bodyguard as hot as hell like Kevin? Why not! WHY. THE HELL. NOT. She wants to be free, yes. But she and Kevin can be friends, right? Or more than that. But Kevin knows his limits and he cannot go beyond them or Arion himself will kill the fuck out of him. Not literally, but he'll still be dead.

"I don't keep my distance from you because you're flawed, I keep my distance from you because I am. . .I see you for how amazing you are, and I know if I let myself, I will fall for you and you'll become my breath, the only thing I need to survive. . ." 
I had fun reading about Lexi and Kevin's cat and dog fights. Lexi may have been stubborn at some times but Kevin never gave up on her. He's determined to protect her whatever happens. Anyway, Lexi and Kevin had a hard time getting along with each other but they eventually figured it out. They got along with each other, had fun, and went all the way to those hot, steamy and romantic situations. Well, at first, Lexi just wanted Kevin to cross one of her checklist: college sex. But Kevin never took advantage of Lexi. Aside from this, I love how the author did it again: combining romance and crime without getting the story confusing for the readers.

"I'm not a saint, Lexi, and I'm trying to make this as easy as possible on you."
"I won't break."
No One's Hero is a great read for those seeking action and romance at the same time. Not a lot of action per se, but the plot twist will definitely keep you going. I totally recommend this book and I am excited for the next installment, No One's Surrender!


Kelly Walker

Kelly Walker is a YA and NA author of several romantic titles, including the Souls of the Stones series. She has an unhealthy appreciation for chocolate, and a soft spot for rescued animals. Her best lessons on writing came from a lifetime of reading. She loves the fantastical, and the magical, and believes a captivating romance can be the most realistic magic of all. Kelly, her husband and her two children share their Virginia home with three dogs who walk her, and two cats who permit her to occasionally share their couch.

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{CLEAN TEEN PUBLISHING WEEK} Excerpt + Giveaway: DOUBLE STAR by Cindy Saunders

Double Star by Cindy Saunders
(YA- Paranormal Fantasy- Available Now)

She fell into his world, unaware of the key she carried and the doors it opened; a world where darkness waited to be set free ... The wait is over
 Do You Believe?

Get it today on Amazon!

When Cepheus, a dark god, forces seventeen-year-old Ally Ashworth off an isolated overlook, she has no idea she's falling into his world, or that the necklace she’s wearing is actually a key - one with the power to ignite the next world war. But she’s carried beyond his reach and into the one place where he’s powerless ... the forest of Gilgamesh.

Ally’s never been Miss Popularity, but her outsider status takes on new meaning when she’s rescued by Liam Cheveyo and his peculiar friends. After seeing them shape-shift into their freaky humanimal counterparts, Ally smacks hard into a few truths: magic really does exist and, although getting here took no effort, finding her way back might be impossible. Feelings between her and Liam begin to grow along with the realization that, in this world, she’s stronger, better ... until she’s caught in a trap set by the creepy spider-boy Cepheus sends to retrieve her.  But Ally’s not going down without a fight, not after learning the horrible truth about the passageways.

The survival of both worlds depends on it.

Excerpt from Double Star:

“What I am going to tell you needs to stay here, for now. Once I explain, you will understand why. The world in which we live,” Thea said and looked at him and Meg, “is not the only one that exists. There is another, similar but not the same, that travels in parallel to our own. An unseen but strong force holds them together. Many centuries ago, our world was linked to the heavens but, over time, those passageways were sealed and others created in their place—doorways to another world through which travel is uncommon but not unheard of.”

She turned her eyes to Ally. “That world belongs to you.” 

Ally stared, mouth agape, at Thea, and then dropped her head against the back of the couch. “A parallel dimension,” she said softly. 

Thea nodded. “Those secret corridors allow the spirit gods to travel between the two worlds. But, an indiscretion has led to their use by other beings, causing the fabric that holds them together to become compromised. It has developed tears within the seams where the energy wavers. I do not understand why you made the journey, Ally, but it is not the first time a human has traveled between them.”

Thea gave an uncharacteristic sigh. “I am telling you this so you can understand what I am about to say. There are some who believe the ability to cross between our two worlds, despite the consequences, will give them great power. However, their greed will only serve to destroy us all.”

Liam got to his feet. “How long have you known, Thea?” He could understand the subject not coming up in day-to-day conversation, but why had he never heard so much as a rumor?

Thea shook her head. “Liam, are you so vain as to assume yours is the only world that breathes life?” 

He began to pace. “I have never given it a thought—” His feet stopped. “If what you say is true, what makes you think Ally is from this other world?” 

“I sensed it the moment I saw her. That was the reason for my trip to Podegar’s.” Thea pulled a washcloth from her apron pocket. “This is stained with the blood I wiped from Ally’s forehead.” She unfolded the rust-colored rag. In its center was an area where the blood was not visible. “Podegar poured tama juice on this. When the blood disappeared, it confirmed my suspicion. It is slightly different from our own.” 

“That would explain it,” Ally said.

Liam looked at Ally. “How can you simply accept this?” 

“You haven’t been listening,” she answered. “I told you I wasn’t from around here. You thought I was crazy. Trust me—I questioned my own sanity when I saw what happened today. People don’t change into animals where I’m from. Not literally anyway.” 

“Ah, you know about the Shanyo.” Ally nodded at Thea’s statement.

“If what you say is true, Thea,” Liam said, “could the location where Corm and I found her be one of those passageways?” 

Ally’s body tensed. “Yeah, why can’t I just go back the way I came?” 

Thea’s expression washed over with sympathy. “The portals allow movement in a single direction. The one you traveled through leads into the forest, not out of it. In order to return home, you must find the correct one. It is true that certain spirits can travel at will between the worlds. The gods before us could do it quite easily. Yet, even then, the journey changed their powers, either diminishing them or making them more powerful. Certain objects are able to travel to and from as well. Some change. Some simply do not make it through at all.” 

“So how do I find the right passageway home?” Ally asked. 

Thea shook her head. “You traveled through unintentionally. Great care must be taken if you journey through again. I learned a great deal during my time away. The opening of certain doors can result in dire consequence. Almost seventy years ago, in your sense of time, a spirit traveled from this world and allowed Chaos to enter yours. It had also happened twenty-seven years before, with a similar result. Prior to your arrival, the last time someone from your world traveled here was three years ago.” Thea looked at him and Meg. “The time of the sickness that took your mother.”

Liam asked, incredulous, “Who would do such a thing?” 

Thea looked at him but did not speak. Ally began to count on her fingers.

“What are you doing?” he asked her.

“The math. Seventy years ago was 1941. Twenty-seven years before that was 1914. Huh. I know those dates. We talked about them in Hist—” Her mouth dropped open. “Are you kidding me? World War I and World War II? Are you saying something from over here caused those wars?”

“I cannot say if the passageway was traveled before or after the trouble began. I do know that evil takes root when people have given up hope. I suspect the timing of such things is not chance but seen as an opportunity. I am sad to say, within the past year, the door into your world has opened again. Forces here tried to prevent that, to no avail. Tell me, is your world experiencing anything unusual… anything of consequence at the current time?” 

Ally nodded. “Yeah. Wars and terrorism are spreading—there are tsunamis, earthquakes, and natural disasters. And oh, the world economy is about to collapse… to name a few ‘unusual’ things. Everything’s falling apart.”

“If your world falls, ours does as well,” Thea said.

About Cindy Saunders:

CINDY SAUNDERS was born in Lowell, MA. She moved to RI almost twenty-five years ago and now considers the Ocean State her home. She graduated from Bryant College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. When she’s not reading, writing, spending time with her two teenage children (how did that happen?) or working, Cindy tracks down one of her favorite local bands and enjoys a glass of wine. She completed her first novel, Double Star, a YA fantasy, in October 2012 and is currently working on the second book in the series.

Double Star is her first novel.


Published by:


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{CLEAN TEEN PUBLISHING WEEK} Excerpt + Giveaway: THE POWER TO SEE by Jennifer Anne Davis

The Power to See
by Jennifer Anne Davis

At first glance, twenty-two-year-old Brianna’s life seems perfect. But she harbors a deadly secret—her father is the leader of a ruthless drug cartel. Brianna struggles to find her place in a world her father meticulously controls, and believes she is nothing but a pawn in her father’s deadly games. 

After graduating from college with an enormous debt, Dominic finds himself lured by money and power into a job that appears too good to be true. He doesn’t realize he works for a drug cartel until he’s in too deep. Trying to keep his family safe, he takes a deal offered by Brianna’s father and agrees to marry Brianna while continuing to work for the cartel. 

Brianna and Dominic must rely on one another as their lives become further entwined in the lethal drug world. When Dominic discovers a deadly secret, he begins to question everything and turns to Brianna for support. However, Brianna’s heart belongs to another man—an undercover DEA agent. 

The DEA closes in on the drug cartel, forcing Brianna and Dominic to choose sides, igniting a battle between family loyalty, love, and survival. Brianna soon realizes that she may be the only person capable of bringing down her father’s empire—if she can find a way to outsmart the master manipulator, without losing herself, and her heart, in the process.


Content Rating: Mature Content (Rated YAm with 5's in all categories.) 


There was a soft knock on her door. Matt popped his head in, making her flush. As much as she fought against it, Brianna had to admit, Matt was hot. She hadn’t seen him since their dinner the other night. There was something different about him from other men she’d known. She liked that Matt was intelligent and highly sought after in the law field. Even though he was confident, he wasn’t cocky, and there was something gentle about him. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she liked that he seemed interested in getting to know her. It was a refreshing change. Of course, it was also nice that Matt was untouched by her father.

“Do you have any plans for the weekend?” he asked, giving her a half smile.

“Nothing too exciting. I have a lot to do before we meet with the judge on Monday.”

“Well, you can’t work all weekend, so I have a proposition for you.” Matt walked in and sat on the edge of Brianna’s desk, pulling two tickets from his shirt pocket. “I’m taking you to a baseball game Saturday night.”

Did he just ask her out? Was Matt interested in her? This wasn’t good. Why couldn’t Matt be married or unattractive? Why did she have to meet him now? “I don’t know,” she managed to say.

“You owe me a dinner,” Matt reminded her, the dimple in his cheek showing.

“I can’t.” She really wanted to, but her father would never approve.

Matt raised his eyebrows. “I’m not asking you out on a date, so don’t get all defensive. I’m simply asking you to a baseball game, and it’s work related if that makes you feel any better.” He leaned in close, smiling like they shared a secret.

Why did he have to keep looking at her like that? “Work related how?” she asked. Perhaps there was a way to get her father’s approval.

“The firm has a box. So, technically it’s a work function.”

“Is anyone else going?”

“No,” he whispered.

Brianna wanted to be alone with Matt, but she wasn’t sure she could control herself around him. Salazar’s plan was very direct and specific, and Matt was definitely not a part of the plan. She couldn’t afford to lose focus now. But the way Matt sat on the desk, his smile, those eyes—she was drawn to him. She closed her eyes, smelling his musky scent. Not once in Brianna’s life had Salazar ever asked her what she wanted. Everything was planned and she was expected to go along with it. Against her better judgment, she agreed to go to the game.

“I’ll pick you up at six.” Matt smiled. He slid from her desk and strolled to the door.

“No, I’ll meet you there.”

After glancing back at her, Matt responded, “Suit yourself,” and left.

Brianna was grinning so big, her cheeks hurt. A baseball game sounded like fun. She just needed to make sure her father knew it was a work function so he wouldn’t jump to the wrong conclusion. A little voice in the back of her mind screamed at the stupidity of getting involved with Matt, but Brianna chose to ignore the voice of reason.



About Jennifer Anne Davis

Jennifer graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in English and a teaching credential. Afterwards, she finally married her best friend and high school sweetheart. Jennifer is currently a full-time writer and mother of three young children. Her days are spent living in imaginary worlds and fueling her own kids’ creativity.

Visit Jennifer online at

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{CLEAN TEEN PUBLISHING WEEK} Excerpt + Giveaway: RELUCTANT GUARDIAN by Melissa J. Cunningham

Reluctant Guardian
by Melissa J. Cunninghan
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Published September 20th 2013 by Clean Teen Publishing

Guarding Brecken Shaefer—a dark and dangerous rebel—is harder than it looks. 
Death was nothing like sixteen-year-old Alisa Callahan thought it would be. Resting on pink, fluffy clouds for eternity with her gram and best friend sounded like a dream come true. After all, enduring one torturous experience after another in her short life deserved some kind of reward, right? Unfortunately, eternal rewards aren't given out so freely when you take your own life.
Required to pay the debt for committing suicide, Alisa must become a guardian. It sounds easy enough, but not when the boy she is forced to protect has a dangerous secret and wants absolutely nothing to do with her.
Brecken Shaefer isn't any normal teenager. He has special gifts that are sure to make Alisa's afterlife miserable. When feelings develop between them, everything spins out of control. Not only must Alisa face her own demons— but to protect Brecken, she must face an evil so heinous that it threatens to destroy their souls completely.
Alisa is tired of hiding from her past. When the easiest thing to do is run, can Brecken give her the strength to stay? 

I should have realized that suicide was not my best option. But like most teenage girls, I hadn't planned ahead. I never pictured my parents and brothers picking up the pieces of my broken life, or the empty hole I would leave in my wake.

I honestly didn't think anyone cared that much.

The medication I'd been taking hadn't helped matters either. My doctor prescribed it after the death of my beloved grandmother who'd lived with us since I was a baby. Three months later, my best friend Natasha, died from a brain tumor. Nothing could have shattered me more. Not just because Natty and I were closer than Siamese twins, but because we shared a dark, horrifying secret.

Something I'd never told anyone. Not even my parents. Once she was gone I didn't know how to shoulder that weight on my own. I was drowning in sorrow. I'd fallen into a dark pit and had every right to take that antidepressant. My parents thought it would help too.

I should have been more open about my feelings. I should have confided in my mom and dad. Explained that the medication wasn't working. That in reality I felt worse. But I didn't. I didn't realize the drug was affecting me adversely . . . until it was too late.

The only thing I wanted that night was to not feel anymore, to not have my heart ripping in two, and to not cry so hard that my whole body ached.

Would it be painful if I rammed my car into the tall pine at the curve of the road? Would it do the trick or just turn me into a vegetable for the rest of my life?
I gambled. I took a chance and got what I wanted. Death.


Melissa J. Cunningham

Melissa's first novel: Reluctant Guardian, was accepted for publication through Clean Teen Publishing in August 2013.  When Melissa is not writing you can find her spending time with her husband of eighteen years and her five children. Melissa studied music in college and loves to read all things fiction. Melissa lives in Northern Utah with her family, her horses, cats, dogs and chickens. 

Melissa's first novel: Reluctant Guardian, was accepted for publication through Clean Teen Publishing in August 2013.  When Melissa is not writing you can find her spending time with her husband of eighteen years and her five children. Melissa studied music in college and loves to read all things fiction. Melissa lives in Northern Utah with her family, her horses, cats, dogs and chickens. 



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{CLEAN TEEN PUBLISHING WEEK} Excerpt + Giveaway: MOONFLOWER by Angela J. Townsend

by Angela J. Townsend
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Published March 31st 2014 by Clean Teen Publishing

Natasha remembers little from her Russian childhood, other than the lingering nightmares of her mother's tragic death. So when someone close to her hands her a one-way ticket to Russia, along with the deed to her family farm, and then is brutally murdered, she has little confidence about what awaits her in that distant land. 

With doubt and uncertainty, Natasha has no choice but to leave her life in America for an unknown future. Once overseas, the terrifying facts as to why she was really summoned home come to light. 

Fact one: Monsters do exist.

Fact two: The only thing keeping those monsters out of the world is an ancient mural hidden below her family's farm. 

Fact three: The mural that keeps the evil out of the world is falling apart. 

The final fact: It's up to Natasha to restore it and save the world from a horror unlike anything seen before. 

Luckily, Natasha isn't alone in her mission. Three Russian Knights are tasked with protecting her from the demons as she restores the mural. And leading the Knights is the handsome and strong Anatoly, who seems to be everything Natasha could hope for in a man. Unfortunately, there is one huge problem. Her Knights are forbidden from having relationships with the artists they protect, and Anatoly is a hardcore rule follower. But rules cannot stop the way she feels.

When a horrifying demon breaches the barrier and pulls Anatoly inside the mural, Natasha can’t help but charge, once again, into the unknown—this time to save the man she secretly loves. Now on the demons’ turf, she risks her own life to free the very one who is supposed to be protecting her. Little does she realize that if she should fail, it could mean the destruction of the very last barrier shielding mankind. Will Anatoly refuse Natasha’s help? Or will he finally realize, when love is at stake, the rules will be broken.

Seattle, Washington

The shadows came for me at night, in my sleep, evoking demons as they crept over me, pressing down, tangling around my arms, my legs, my neck. I struggled to open my eyes. To move. To breathe. Panic swelled. Twisting and thrashing, I battled to break free. The shadows turned to vapor, and it was my mother who held me now, clutching me to her bloody body as we huddled together. Her ragged, uneven breath feathered across the back of my neck. 

She whispered one last Russian lullaby.

My father appeared in the doorway, his heavy boots dripping snow on the oak floor. His eyes were cold, vacant, a rifle tight in his hands. He advanced, yelling Siberian curses that fell from  his lips like hissing snakes. He snarled and aimed the weapon at my mother’s chest. Her eyes stretched wide in horror, her lips twisted in a final scream as she pushed me to safety. 

A bullet exploded through her torso, shattering my existence in a mixture of steel, blood and bone, colliding at the speed of light. My father lowered the gun, grabbed my mother’s wrist and checked for a pulse. A satisfied smile crept across his lips as he dropped her lifeless arm. 

A whimper escaped my throat. He spotted me cowering in the corner, his eyes blazing with scalding fury. He raised the weapon, aimed it at my forehead, and the shadows came for me again….

(Available Now)



Angela Townsend

Angela Townsend was born in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Missoula, Montana. As a child, Angela grew up listening to stories told by her grandparents, ancient tales and legends of faraway places. Influenced by her Irish and Scottish heritage, Angela became an avid research historian, specializing in Celtic mythology. Her gift for storytelling finally led her to a full time career in historical research and writing. A writer in local community circulations, Angela is also a published genealogical and historical resource writer who has taught numerous research seminars. Currently, Angela divides her time between writing, playing Celtic music on her fiddle, and Irish dancing. 

Angela's first novel, Amarok, was published through Spencer Hill Press in 2012. Her newest novel, Angus MacBain and The Island of Sleeping Kings, was signed for publication with Clean Teen Publishing in 2013. 

Angela resides on a ranch, in rural Northwestern Montana, with her two children Levi and Grant. 


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