Book Blitz Release Day: WAVECROSSED by Andrea Colt

by Andrea Colt
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Expected Publication: August 22nd 3013
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To Cassandra Kelleher, trust is a dirty word. A teenage selkie who grew up on land, all she wants is to save her family from the man who stole their sealskins. Battling broken friendships and alarming romantic entanglements, she finds that trust may be the key to winning her family’s freedom ... or losing her own.


Chapter 1

Midnight is the perfect time to eat a turtle.

Submerged in an icy river, I focused briefly on the thought, then let it go. My brother should be close enough to hear, and it would make him come running, so to speak. Mentally, I grinned.

My lungs craved air, so I flicked my hind flippers to propel me upwards. As my head broke the surface, I spun to scan both sides of the forested shore. No human faces peered back in the moonlight, but I pivoted in the water to check again as I sucked in a breath. Not that a nighttime fisherman would see anything odder than a seal poking her nose out of a coastal Maine river—which wasn’t a totally crazy sight, though most seals kept to saltwater—but it wasn’t random humans I was worried about. It was the other kind, the kind who knew what I was. The lying-in-wait kind.

But if anyone lurked in the shadows, I couldn’t see them. Or, I noted as I drew another breath, smell them. So I was safe. Probably.

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Andrea Colt

Andrea Colt grew up in Maryland, where she loved to read, ride horses, play soccer and squabble with her identical twin. She started writing novels as an extra-curricular passion in college, and after graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland at College Park (go Terps!), she moved to Alexandria, Virginia. A few years later, she published Torched, and has several more books on the way. She loves wandering around the National Zoo, scarfing cheddar cheese, and hearing from fans.

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