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Peacemaker (Peacemaker #1)
by Eva Gerald
Series: Peacemaker Series
Published July 28th 2013 by Shine Publishing
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Maya Voland doesn’t want to spend her senior year in the cold, isolated town of Shine, Vermont. Reeling from the death of her father and the discovery that her life is a carefully constructed set of lies, Maya wants to escape to a place where she can be invisible. 
The residents of Shine can’t let Maya leave. She’s too important to their cause. A manipulator by nature, Maya was born with an extraordinary ability to influence the emotions and actions of others. Shiners will go to great lengths to train her to use those gifts to further their agenda, before other, more sinister forces intercede.
Shea Knightly has been waiting most of his life for Maya to come back home to Shine. He, too, has powers of persuasion and he’s never encountered a girl who can say no to his stunning looks and overwhelming charm. He’ll pull out all the stops to bring Maya into the fold.
Now Maya must decide—is the intense attraction she feels for Shea reciprocated, or is he just feeding her more lies to draw her into the dangerous world of the Shiners? Even if there is something real between them, what price is she willing to pay to make his cause her own?


I thought the story would not meet my expectations because the cover didn't attract me at all. But the story is actually great! It's full of secrets, mysteries, and revelation that would totally make hold of you until the end. It's not boring at all since you wanted to know the answers to all the questions about Maya's life -- who she really is.

Maya holds a very strong character. Strong enough to be able to carry all the things that are happening around her. You cannot say she's weak because she was able to cope up with her new surroundings especially with the new people that she would have to deal with with her new slash old life. She never thought moving to Shine would give her the answers she's looking for ever since. 

As for Tristan and Shea, I love them both! But there is something about Shea that made me love him a little bit more. He may be the still and quiet type of guy, but he's there all along for Maya. It's like she's stronger with him around. He doesn't say much words of encouragement, but his actions do. At first I thought he didn't like the presence of Maya around... but I was wrong. Totally wrong.

In every book, there will always be a bitch that every reader (I guess) would hate. And in this book, that would be Fallon. I hate her so much! She's such an overly attached girlfriend. She looks up to herself as if she's the most beautiful girl in the world and she's the only person her boyfriend needed in his life. Which is not, obviously. Her jealousy over Maya is OA. I don't get why she wanted to get Maya's ass out of Shine when in fact Maya is not doing anything to her. I want to pull her out of the book and pull her hair!

This book is a page turner. There are many unexpected events that happened here that'll make you want more. Family secrets. New-found friends. Unexpected love life. They're all here.




Eva Gerald

Eva Gerald is a mother of two beautiful, active boys and an in-house attorney for a small software company. Needing to fill her endless hours of free time, Eva decided to write a novel. Three short years later, Peacemaker was ready for publication. Just in case she was tempted to go to bed at a decent hour on a regular basis, she decided to make it a series and is diligently working on the next book. 

Eva lives in upstate New York with her supremely tolerant and supportive husband and two boys. 

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