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*I’m a book lover who happens to be mashed up with the Information Technology society. While reading a magazine on the latest about technologies, I encountered this article for book lovers.

Are you the type who would want to share your passion in literature with others who share the same interests in books? There are many convenient ways to go book window-shopping online and meeting fellow bookworms to discuss with. Below are the top five book-sites:
    • Shelfari. Build virtual bookshelves of books you’ve read or want to read and share books and opinions with friends. Users can also create groups that other members may join, create discussions and talk about books and various topics.
    • Goodreads. A social cataloging site similar to Shelfari except that it possesses the “if you like this, read this” feature which auto recommends books based on ranking books you’ve rated. It also contains reading and writing challenges, quotes and trivia.
    • Library Thing. One of the oldest, if not the oldest social networking site for bookworms. It is not only used for storing and sharing book catalogs and various types of book metadata. What makes it special is that it is used by authors, libraries and publishers as well.
    • ConnectViaBooks. Similar to the first three sites mentioned, ConnectViaBooks allows the user to create multiple book lists and publish those lists on their own blog. Plus, it includes an interactive world map on the landing page that shows activities of members.
    • weRead. This was formerly called iRead, caters to bookworms in the younger audience. It started as an application in Facebook and it has now expanded to many other social-networking sites that allows you to recommend books to friends.
There are numerous sites out there that offer you articles that are literary related and sites that help young writers out on their literary endeavors. Believe it or not, for literary singles out there, there happens to be a literary speed dating site wherein you can interact with individuals who you might want to engage in the best literary conversation you’ve had set. So, to get your literary passion and skills fueled, try these sites on for size.

Source: Tech Inovations, Volume 5 Issue 8, page 8



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