Bayanihan Expo 2012: Challenge the Impossible

New event.
New experience.
New faces.
Once again I got the chance to meet my friends from the Balangayan camp I attended last month, if I'm not mistaken. I was there, assigned at the ticket booth in front of hall three, with some of my friends beside me. Crowds of people were streaming in front of me, all filled with interest in their faces.

My friend beside me was asleep. I wonder if he already saw his pictures while he is sleeping.

It feels so good to see thousands of people, united as one by the passion of nation building and volunteerism for the love of our country.


I can't write continuously. People kept in borrowing my pen. But it's alright, we're all here for the same reason. In fact, we're brothers and sisters here.

I was also surprised to meet some people from my hometown.

Sweet smiles.

Hand shakes.

Warm 'Hi's' and 'hello's.

If only this kind of event would be visible to the whole country. If only everyone will be united like this. If only every Filipino have this kind of passion burning in their hearts.

If only...
If only..
If only.

Well, if that's impossible, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED



  1. sounds like it was totally awesome!...i myself i'm a very passionate person when it comes to such things so i can understand how :)

  2. Hey algel..i'm back again! where have u been hiding lady?? you need to come back and write some awesome posts!...listen i need a small/huge favour from u. I just finished creating my "grab button" and i need to test it on a blog. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pleasssssssssssse plz plz plz cud u kindly just copy the link and try if it'll work on and show up on your blog? cause somtimes it doesnt show...i would gladly put your button up on my blog too once uv created yours!..thnks too much:)

    1. hey! sorry, i haven't updated for soooooo looooooong. XD i've been on my vacation, but now i'm back! and about your favor, well, sure! :)

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