Fallen Angels unite: Becca Fitzpatrick in Manila!!!

HUSH. A moment of Silence please, as I present to you one of the most adorable author I've ever met! Let's welcome, Becca Fitzpatrick! It was such a privilege for us to be invited by the National Book Store to attend a forum where we can ask Becca about her books and writing, as well as sign our books! This is probably one of the biggest events I've been this year, so far.

During the bloggers forum, Becca was asked by some of us about her books, the Hush, Hush series and her upcoming books which are Black Ice and Sapphire Skies. She's kind enough to give us a glimpse about them! Plus, she told us that we were the first readers to hear about the plot of Sapphire Skies. Hooray for that!

Another thing I love about bookish events is that I get to meet again with my lovely blogger friends! I just love ranting and raving about books with them, I don't mind the noise, the squeals, and fangirling all over the characters we love! No dull moments with them. :)

Also, during the forum, Becca was asked a few questions like how Hush, Hush is different from other fallen angels books. She said that since she hasn't read other fallen angel books, she thinks that Patch is what drives the readers into her books because while reading reviews, most of the readers talk about Patch. Aside from that, she finally talked about the issue her books were compared to the Twilight series. She told us that it's okay because she loved Twilight. BUT she thinks it completely different in some way because she started writing Hush, Hush long before Twilight was published.

Here are some of our group photos and group selfies during the event. Group selfies were always the hardest to take. But in the end, we still manage to do it so... it's not hard at all!  We were able to fit our faces in. LOL

Me with Becca! I really love her hair! It's Taylor Swift-y like curls! I observed that she's not as bubbly like the other authors I met, but she's very adorable, kind and sweet. She's also very generous and down to earth. I like (no, love!) her personality.

Selfie with Becca and snapshots of my signed books! *happy dance*

The Pinoy Book Bloggers and Becca Fitzpatrick! Look at all those pretty faces!

The event didn't end that way... because the main highlight of this forum is when National Book Store, Simon and Schuster, and Becca Fitzpatrick generously gave each one of us an ARC of her upcoming book, Black Ice, to be released this October! This was really a BIG surprise to all of us and we are all so thankful to these people for this great opportunity.

Pinoy Book Bloggers, Becca Fitzpatrick, and our Black Ice ARCs!

After the bloggers forum, some of us headed to the public book signing to witness how many fangirls and fanboys attended to have their books signed.

And look! The NBS activity center was overflowing with fans! The total number reached almost a thousand! Here's a photo of Becca with her fans raising their books.



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