The distance

What can you say about a relationship that gives no assurance? Are you willing to take the risk? Are you ready to accept the pain?

In this situation, you need a lot of trust, loyalty, faith, and most of all love. You haev to believe and hold on to the promises you made for each other -- not just to believe, but to have faith and hope that you will still be together in the end. You should believe and hope that you will be able to surpass the trials that might face you and survive together.

But what is the hardest and most painful part in this relationship?

The hardest part in this kind of relationship is that it gives you no assurance. It can be hard to fight and resist temptations as it is everywhere. But it can be easy to resist if you are sure and really determined to be with that person for the rest of your life.

Sometimes, love, trust and faith aren't enough. It hurts so much when you miss that person. You cry hard just because of thinking about that person and you know for yourself that nobody and nothing can make you stop because you just miss the person even more. When you see couples walking around, holding each other''s hand, it kills you and eventually you start missing that special someone again.

Of course, there are ways to fight this painful feeling. You text the person everyday, call him/her to hear his/her voice, and sometimes webcam chatting so you can see each other despite the distance. There are also times when you tend to send packages filled with sweet nothings just to make the person smile and feel even more special.

In the end, if both of you are able to survive, you'll realize that it's all worth the long wait. By the time you see each other again, you'll be able to feel that the love that connects you miles away becomes stronger and unbreakable. When you're together, you make every second count and you don't want to waste any single minute of your time together..

It's still up to both of you if you really love each other and are willing to wait until fate brings you closer to each other, that you no longer have to feel the pain of being far away from the person you love the most..

So, who says long distance relationships doesn't work?


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