Book lovers: HELP!

Is there anyone out there who could tell me where can I buy this series? If you happen to see this at a bookstore, please inform me.. I've been dying to buy Blue is for Nightmares Collection since 2007.. I only got White is for Magic.. so please help me.. 

Series synopsis:
The Blue is for Nightmares series follows the adventures of Stacey Brown, a young Wiccan with psychic powers. Stacey uses her Wiccan religion to enhance her natural abilities in order to investigate crimes, disappearances, or issues that arise in her daily life. As the series progresses Stacey graduates from high school, learns how to better harness her abilities, and sorts through her complicated love life.



  1. Hi! I'm your newest follower. Thanks for following my blog.
    Maybe you can try this site The boxset is currently unavailable, but the separate books are available! :)

  2. No problem :) and wow, that's really nice of you! thanks for your help, i really appreciate it :)

  3. I got the blue is for nightmares a few years ago, didn't know that it was a serie haha

  4. @Sharissa i envy you! haha btw i already placed an order for it.. and i think you should try reading the other books too. i got white is for magic and i found it very good

  5. I remember reading Blue is for Nightmares when I was in high school. You should ask Arvie Buncaras where she got hers. :) I think she's complete with the series.

  6. haha, yeah i remember lending my white is for magic to ate lynn i guess? hehe. anyway i placed my order and reservation at fully booked :D


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