Series: Chadwell Hearts #3
Category: New Adult
Genre: Romance
Published December 26th 2014 by Kelly Walker Books, LLC
Format Acquired: Kindle Edition
Source: Author (Thanks, Kelly!)
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Chelsea Arnold is not a Chadwell, as her mother incessantly reminds her. And if she doesn’t learn to play the game, she’ll never see a dime of her new step-daddy’s money. So Chelsea puts on the act and dutifully follows the Chadwell family rules: everyone has to work in the family bar to learn life lessons. Little do they know, she already knows the biggest lesson of all: the best thing to be is underestimated. Then they’ll never see you coming. And in a few more weeks when she’s tucked enough cash away, she’ll be out of here, leaving her new family and her washed-up mother behind, because all Chelsea wants is freedom. Inheritance be damned. 
But when her step-father learns he has a son he never knew about, it throws her plan off the tracks. While another son and an ex-wife sharing her husband’s affections are too much for Chelsea’s mother to handle and she heads for the hills, the rough around the edges Warren “Ware” Chadwell is enough to tempt Chelsea to stay. Despite the fact that all he has to offer is everything she’s determined to shy away from, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks knows how to push her buttons in all the right ways, no matter how wrong it is. 

I was so giddy to read No One's Surrender because all of Kelly's characters were amazing. And hot. If you have read No One's Angel (the book that started my love for Kelly. And Arion) and No One's Hero (I miss Kevin!), then you should probably not let this one pass. Even though you haven't read the books, it's alright because each of them can be read as a standalone. *wink*

I didn't expect what Ware's character would be: Axel's brother. When Ware and Chelsea met at the bar, which involved a little drama, they thought it will only be just a one night stand. They had an amazing night together and neither of them could get it out of their heads, though. Then they met again unexpectedly and I was really surprised when I reached that part. Because of the family drama, Chelsea and Ware had to deal with each other from that day on. Chelsea is working hard to earn money so she could stick to her plan of running away and to finally experience freedom, while Ware badly needed money for something very important to him so he had to work at the bar to earn money himself (that's one of the Chadwell rules, btw). Just when they thought their one night stand was over, they realized it's just the beginning of a new chapter in their lives -- they had to share a room together.

"I'd rather live in a cardboard box with someone who truly loves me, knowing we built it together, than in a glass castle, waiting for the other shoe to drop and shatter my happy ending." -Chelsea Arnold
As usual, Kelly put some thrill and action again (which I love about her style!) into this romance novel and I liked that part! Nick, Angel's ex, kept coming back into their lives and this time, his target was Chelsea. Well, let's skip that part for now, I don't want to end up writing spoilers, guys! Anyway, we all know that Axel is a pretty protective hottie when it comes to his loved ones, and he doesn't want to see Chelsea getting hurt. He never shipped Chelsea and Ware but what can he do? It's hard for them to stay away from each other. Plus, there is this twist in the story that touched my heart. I just love how Ware wanted to protect everyone he loves, just like his brother, Axel.

I think I might have to cheat on Axel. Ware is now my fave! Sorry, Axel. But you'll always be my first Chadwell sweetheart :))

No One's Surrender is another beautiful romance book by one of my favorite indie authors, Kelly Walker. If you're into New Adult books, this one's definitely a must-read!

5 out of 5 Pandas


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