Writing A New Chapter In My Life: Learning Modern Calligraphy

Hello, there! Lately I've been contemplating about new things I wanted to try, things I wanted to learn. I recently attended a Lettering and Typography workshop (thanks to the amazing team of Works of Heart!) and I learned so many things about the anatomy of letters. I've always loved lettering and scribbling at the back of my notebooks so I'm not actually new into the art of lettering. I just wanted to enhance my skills and know more about them.

Until I saw my favorite author, the gorgeous as ever Jodi Meadows posting pictures of her calligraphy works on Instagram. I fell inlove with the art of beautiful handwriting. I showed her the picture below, and she told me that she's contagious. I couldn't agree more! I got my basic calligraphy tools from La Bella Scrittura, a group of ladies showcasing the art of calligraphy. They are so kind to answer questions of newbies and give us tips as well.

Quote from one of my fave books, Infinite by Jodi Meadows

A line from Ed Sheeran's song, Thinking Out Loud. Yes, I'm a Sheerio.
I tried brush lettering as well, but I bought a very cheap brush so I never really got into it. I have yet to buy a nice brush pen, preferably Pentel brush pen.

Well, I am spending more time practicing on controlling the pressure and flow of inks because I'm really having a hard time doing so. I'm a left-handed human, which means I can always smudge the ink if I'm not careful. I'm more fond of using an oblique holder, which is made for lefties like me! I first used the nib Vintage Hunt 22, which is advisable for newbies. Right now, my favorite nib is the Brause 66EF because of its smooth touch on paper. Esterbrook 355 is also good for newbies. I also tried Leonardt 40, also known as the Blue Pumpkin and I'm not a fan. It's hard to control the flow of the ink because of its very fine tip. (Trivia: The Hiro #40 Nib (Blue Pumpkin) nib no longer has "Hiro stamped on it, instead it now has "leonardt".)

Also, I'm always taken to the ink spatter land! I hate it when the nib got caught up with the paper. Anyway, I'll be attending a workshop by La Bella Scrittura so I'm really looking forward meeting Ms. Aileen (@theleftieadvantage) personally! Why? Because she's an experienced calligrapher. And left-handed too. I'm so excited!

Here's my latest work, another quote by Jodi Meadows from her book Asunder. It's my favorite book in the Newsoul trilogy and this quote is perfect for me in many ways -- family, friendship and lovelife.

Ink used: Eternal Higgins (Black)
Nib: Brause 66EF

Welcome to Ink Spatter land! Ugh, look at that smudge on the last word.
Oh, I'm hoping that next time, the ink that will form these beautiful words will land on my skin, not on paper. If you know what I mean. :)

How about you? What other activities are you up to lately, aside from reading? I'd love to know thru the comment section below!



  1. I love it so much, Algel! I have been trying these too but just for my penpals. :)

    1. Now that gave me an idea! I need to know your address! :D

  2. I've always been a 'letterer' even back in grade school and I wanted to try this, too! Hopefully soon! Good job, Algel! ;)

    1. Yay! Let's spread the awesome art of calligraphy <3


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