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(Just a quick post in lieu of my reading slump... and because I find this GIF very funny)

Have you ever tried watching a movie based on a book that you read? I'm sure many of you already did. But have you experienced hearing negative comments from other viewers inside the cinema, saying how bad the movie is and that they won't even bother reading the book?

I hate it when books are judged by their movies. There is this time when I was inside my favorite local bookstore and while browsing the shelves, I heard this girl wanted to buy a certain book so much. But then her friend told her that the movie was bad, so most probably, the book was bad, too. They had a long conversation about it (and I was there, listening the whole time) In the end, the girl didn't buy the book, saying she realized what her friend said must be true. I wanted to throw (not literally) the book onto their faces and make them read to see how good the book is. 

We all know that when books are set for filming, there are scenes that are cut. Sometimes, it's okay if the scenes were not so important, but there are also times when the part that was cut was the most anticipated part of the readers. Remember the butterknife scene in Divergent? *sobs*

Okay, I know that not all of us are avid readers, but we should never ever discourage someone who wants to read just because its movie sucked. That what chances are for, right?



  1. A+ for GIF usage, haha! And I totally get what you mean. After seeing the Beautiful Creatures film, I didn't really want to ever read the series. But I DID give it a shot, and whaddya know? I LOVED IT!!! Btw, hope you can follow me on my blog too!

    1. Yes! I haven't read Beautiful Creatures, tho. But a lot of people says that the book is great. :)

  2. Well, it also works the other way around. Sometimes the movie is amazing, and the book is terrible (Atonement, for me). I agree that's it's not a nice thing to discourage someone to read a book based on your knowledge of the movie.

    1. Oh, yes you're right! Looks like I should've entitled this "DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS MOVIE or VICE VERSA" :D


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