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Broken Symmetry
by Dan Rix
Genre: Young Adult Sci-Fi
Format Acquired: e-Book
Published July 28th 2013 by Burning Ember Press
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Eleven months after the father of sixteen-year-old Blaire Adams vanished without a trace, he's found wandering outside The Scripps Research Institute vomiting blood and speaking gibberish, his sole possession a worn leather diary filled with an unrecognizable language. He has a message for her.
As he dies in her arms, he claims he never vanished. She vanished.
In a nearby military quarantine zone, scientists are being called in from around the world to sequence a previously unknown strain of DNA. Scientists…and soldiers.
When her father’s autopsy reveals a rare chromosomal disorder—a disorder, it turns out, she inherited—Blaire begins to suspect her father’s last words weren’t induced by amnesia. Like her dad, she has an additional set of instructions in her genes—instructions for what, doctors can’t say. Only one thing is certain: it’s what killed him…and it will kill her too.
But now she’s haunted by prophetic nightmares of the Yellowjacket—a young murderer, eyes the black of charcoal, who lures his victims to suicide without ever paying them a visit. The only clue she has to his handiwork is a lingering feeling of déjà vu. That, and the nagging suspicion that all she knows is a mirage. She is certain of two things—though it may mean confiding in the wrong side of good and evil, he has the answers she needs.
And he is recruiting her.


I have to admit I'm not really good at Physics and it took me quite a hard time to understand the idea of the story. There are times when I have to reread some parts to fully understand them.

This is a mix of mystery, thriller and suspense. When I read about Blaire's dad's diary, written in backwards handwriting, I suddenly remembered myself. Lol. I can write backwards, too. Actually, I do have a notebook where everything was written backwards and you have to use a mirror to be able to read what's written.

Her dad knows how to write backwards, just like me. Well, that's what I thought at first. Until I learned the whole thing about breaking symmetry and that when they enter a mirror, everything around them were just reflections; flipped, backwards. 
Broken Symmetry is a unique story. When I understood the whole concept, I enjoyed imagining the scenes. I picture out everything that's written and it was a fun ride to break the symmetry with Blaire and Damian. This book took me to different worlds, and there are times when I felt lost between the real world and the world inside the mirror - the reflection. To be honest, it took me a whole week to read this since I wanted to fully understand it. When  I reached the other half, my mind was mind blown.
"There's an explanation for everything, Blaire. Remember, a mystery is only a mystery until we figure out the answer. . .and we always figure out the answer."
This is what I'm looking for in a sci-fi book, it's a combination of Physics and Chemistry (two subjects I'm really not good at) but the author made a way for readers like me to understand. There may be scientific terms and explanations but later on there are also explanations that were easier to comprehend. There are parts of the story that confused me with time travel, but I also knew that this is a whole of a different concept.

This may be a little bit crazy book, that will definitely leave you crazy once you read it, but trust me. This is a crazy in a good way book. You will love it once you figure out everything.

I love the team up of Blaire and Damian. Though it also hurts me everytime Damian breaks the symmetry. I don't want him to die. I kept on praying that he won't die as a go on with the book. Blaire is kinda reckless and made rash decisions, so I believe she always needed Damian with her.
I pulled away from Damian and had to squint my eyes. "What was that for?" I said, still dazed by his kiss. "So when I die, you know how I really feel," he said.
 And that ending? Mindblowing. Awesome. Unpredictable.

Broken Symmetry, is an overall amazing book. This is a fantastic Science-fiction novel and I would totally recommend it to all sci-fi lovers out there. I felt what the characters felt. I saw what they saw. This book totally brought me in it's world.


Dan Rix

Dan Rix majored in Architecture at UC Berkeley and considers himself lucky to have graduated during one of the worst housing market crashes of the century. "It made writing an easy choice," he says.

His favorite novels include Michael Grant's Gone, Jay Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why, and Dan Brown's, The Da Vinci Code. High stakes, high concept page-turners. That's what he likes to read, and that's what he likes to write.

Dan lives in Santa Barbara, California with his girlfriend. His debut thriller, Entanglement , is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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  1. I... am not a fan of Chemistry. Physics... I'm love in an average way. Looks like the book is amazing :) Can't wait to check it out :D


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