Swoon Worthy Saturday #2

Saturday is a day for swooning. Swoon Worthy Saturday is a weekly meme hosted by Hazel of Stay Bookish where in we present a fictional boy who has swept us off our feet, given us butterflies, made our heart do acrobatics and driven us absolutely crazy!

And for my Swoon Worthy Saturday post, let me introduce you to Mathias/Nick from Legacy of a Dreamer by Allie Jean!

Huge thanks to the author for giving me a copy of the book for an honest review! Read my review of Legacy of a Dreamer here.


1. Mathias is an angel (a fallen one, though)

2. He's an imaginary werewolf, named Nick, made by Chantal before she learned about his real existence. He was her imaginary confidante about almost everything, like being bestfriends. He always made her feel safe and never alone.

3. A very caring and affectionate guy.

4. He's the perfect gentleman. When he's not yet fully introduced to Chantal, he had all the chances to peek at Chantal getting dressed, but he never did that.

5. He will do everything to protect her.

7. Mathias may look brave and strong, but he has a soft heart for kids, like Lydia.

7. Of course, since he's a warrior angel, he is sexy and hot.

"Did you touch the lady?" Nick asked.
"I don't recall it being any of your business." Tony said.
"Anything that happens to this woman is my business." Nick retorted.

She felt Mathias tense as he pulled her tighter against him.
"I will protect you," he pledged, his voice filled with utter dedication. . .
"I know you will," she said.


"You know," Mathias said, clearing his throat and sounding uncomfortable. "I take my duty quite seriously, watching over my charge, but I never watched you without honor. Getting dressed, I mean. I always retreated back into the Shade when you were... well, you know... indisposed."


"I could easily see myself falling in love with you," he whispered it and couldn't even be sure she'd heard him right. "You're kind and beautiful. You have an amazing heart and strength. A true warrior. Why wouldn't I fall for you?"


"I need you to be safe, Chantal. I couldn't bear if something happened to you."
"I'm here, Mathias." she whispered against his lips. "Just keep me by your side. I know that's where I've always been safe."

And how about you? Who's your Swoon Worthy Saturday book boyfriend? Comment the link to your post to let me know! :)



  1. A warrior angel... Ooh, very hot! And I love that he has a soft side for kids! I like guys who like kids! Mathias sounds like def swoon-worthy! :)

    1. I know right! But I can't ship them totally yet.. Not so much chemistry in the first book. I hope there will be more swoon worthy moments in the next book! And I'm currently reading it. :D


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