Book review: Love Bites (Vampire Kisses, #7) by Ellen Schreiber

Title: Love Bites
Author: Ellen Schreiber
Page count: 179 pages
Rating: 5 stars

Book synopsis:
As a mortal girl dating a vampire, Raven knows that love isn't always easy. Now that Alexander's parents have returned to Romania, Raven and her dreamy vampire boyfriend are happy to resume their cryptic romance.

But soon another visitor comes knocking: Sebastian, Alexander's best friend, arrives for a stay at the mansion. At first Raven is wary, then thrilled--this is the perfect chance to learn more about her darkly handsome boyfriend and his past. Raven has been wondering whether Alexander will ever bite her and make their love immortal, and Sebastian could be her guide to the love habits of Alexander and his kind. But when Sebastian falls for a particular Dullsvillian, will another mortal beat Raven to the bite?

With suspense, danger, and a fabulous vampire party, this seventh book in the bestselling Vampire Kisses series continues the exciting nocturnal romance of Raven and Alexander.

My Review
 So here goes the 7th book in the series! Wee! Introducing a new sexy vampire, Sebastian! Sebastian is Alexander's bestfriend.. Oh how I envy Raven for being with two sexy vamps... I pity Sebastian since I can feel that his feelings were real; and that tiny blood incident with Becky? I guess he just can't control himself yet, and that he really doesn't want it to happen. 

I'm hoping for another love triangle in the story including Sebastian, Becky and Matt! But I know it might spoil the series because it should only be Raven having a love affair with a vampire. But sometimes, I don't know if I'm team Alexander or Team Trevor.. I like bad guys in series, but this time, the bad guy is a mortal so I'd still be more of team Alex! Hihi. Looking forward for the next two books:)



  1. I love this book series. Her werewolf one ins't bad either.

  2. Yeah! I also love her Full Moon series! <3


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