2013 Liebster Blog Award!

It's been a while since I last posted in my blog. I've been quite busy lately. So finally I got the chance to check it out again and guess what I found out? I've been nominated by Athina for the Liebster Blog Award! :)

What is a Liebster Blog Award?

Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers that have less than 200 followers and the purpose is to get to know them since we think that they deserve it. The word “Liebster” is a German word which means "favorite". So here I am nominated for the “Favorite Blog Award” meaning the Liebster Blog Award. Thanks a lot to Athina for giving me this opportunity.

In order to accept and participate there are some steps.

>Tell 11 things about yourself.
>Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
>Post 11 questions for those who will be nominated by you.
>Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
>Get in contact with those 11 bloggers in order to inform them that you nominated them.

Well, that’s it! Easy and simple.

So, to start with, here are 11 things about me (Some of these can be found in my 'About Me' section) :

1. I wrote a fantasy novel way back in high school entitled "The Hidden Royalty". But sad to say, I lost my copy and now I'm trying to rewrite it all over again, improving it and adding new twists and turns on the story.

2. I'm in love with books. Obviously. I never let a day at a mall pass by without heading to a bookstore.

3. I talk to myself in front of the mirror.

4. I can write backwards (Mirror writing). I discovered this talent when I was in grade school. Maybe it's because I'm a left-handed person. Some people find it weird, some people got scared of me because of this. The back pages of my notebooks are filled with my mirror writings

5. I do headstands on my bed. I do this unusual thing "to collect my thoughts".

6. I'm seriously inlove with vampires. This odd feeling bloomed when I started watching the US Series True Blood (based on the novel "Southern Vampire" by Charlaine Harris. I am amazed by how vampires fall inlove with a human.

7. I love watching fireworks. Watching them makes me happy inside and out. It takes away all my fear, sadness, and anxieties.

8. I love the rain. Well, I just do. Really. Dancing. Walking. Crying. Laughing. Everything, except floods.

9. I drink a lot of coffee and tea. Especially while reading books and during rain afternoons.

10. I'm having regrets on the college degree I'm taking right now... I should have shifted to Communication Arts two and a half years ago... since broadcasting and writing are really my passions.

11. I'm a moody person. My friends are used to it already. It's like I'm happy at this moment, hilarious laughs, and then all of a sudden I'll be quiet, and look gloomy.

Here are the questions from Athina:

1. Why do you blog?
I created this blog for my book reviews, self-written poems and thoughts in life.
2. Do you read other blogs and why?
Yes, I do read other blogs. This is my way of finding new interesting books to be read.
3. Which is your favorite book and why?
I have a lot of favorite books. Especially YA novels, vampires-werewolves books, and paranormal books. I want to read these types of genres to be able to travel to a different world or dimension while reading.
4. What writing means for you?
I've been writing and joining writing contests since elementary. So basically, writing is very essential to me. It means life. It's my way of expressing feelings that I can't through speaking or saying out loud.
5. How do you spend you free time?
During my free time, you can usually see me sitting around the corner, reading a book while drinking coffee or tea. If I'm not in the mood to read, I'd be writing poems.
6. What was your greatest moment for the year that passed?
Well, every moment of the year that passed was great. No regrets at all.
7. Which five words describe you best?
Simple. Moody. Fearless. Humble. Faithful.
8. What would you encourage other people to do?
As always, to read books. 75% of our learning comes from what we read. ;)
9. What would you change in your life if you could?
Nothing else except the course I'm taking right now in college...
10. What advice you would give to a new writer?
My favorite motto as a writer: "Write to express, not to impress." :)
11. If there’s a word that would describe how you want this year to turn out, what is that word? (I got this from Riza Ponciano.)
Successful. :)
 My question to other bloggers:

1. What inspires you to write?
2. What's your writing style?
3. What kinds of books do you collect?
4. Can you share titles of the most awesome books that you have read?
5. How often do you read?
6. Do you believe in long distance relationship? Why or why not?
7. Who's your favorite blogger? (Post his/her blog link here)
8. What are you most thankful for?
9. How do you see yourself 5 years from now?
10. Can you give some writing/blogging tips to all the bloggers out there?
11. Do you have any power word to boost yourself up?

So, there it is! And the 11 lucky blogs I chose to nominate are:

1. Sab The Book Eater
2. Inna's Little Bookshelves
3. Between the Lines
4. The Social Potatoes
5. Lost In Wonderland
6. Paige-a-licious
7. Night Readings
8. Charlie, Coffee, and a Good Book
9. April Books
10. Starving Novelist
11. Poetic License

To my nominees, please leave the link of your answers on the comment box below so I can read it too.. Thanks and goodluck! More power! :)



  1. Hey thanks so much for the nomination here is the link to my post :http://thebookconfessions.blogspot.com/2013/01/liebster-blog-award.html

  2. Thanks for nominating me! I'll answer the questions as soon as I can ;)

  3. @ Inna thanks for participating! i totally agree with your answer at number 10!

    @Isabel looking forward to it :)


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