Certainty in Uncertainty

He is the one who keeps me inspired everyday
Just one sweet text message from him, all the bad bad vibes would go away
We've been through a lot for the past years
We shared sadness and joy, laughter and tears
Our plans for the future are already secured
All the trials and problems, we're ready to endure

I never even thought a man like him would exist
He is the type I just couldn't resist
He may be that I-am-always-in-trouble type of guy
Yet he gives that wink and smile that reaches the sky
He says for him I was perfect
That it's my beauty within that reflects

He may seem so far away from me
But when I close my eyes, he's all I see
He painted my life with the colors of the rainbow
With him by my side, I never feel low
In his arms, I never have to worry
And that I will never be sorry

Just like fireworks he took my fears away
I promised that for as long as he wants, I'll stay
Yes, we're apart and must stay in touch
But this only made me love him so much
I miss him every second, every minute and every hour of the day
And I know he feels that same too anyway

I really hate it when he acts cold like the ice cream
But with his sweet nothings, my heart would scream
I love the way he tickles me
'Cause I know it's my laughs and smiles he wants to see
During my bad days he makes me laugh
In his jokes I just can't get enough

When he chats with other girls
I want to straighten his curls! XD
I want him to flirt to no one but me
He gave me his honesty and loyalty
Missing him is such a terrible feeling
Day by day, the pain is only increasing

He made me hold onto his words and promises
Promised to give me more hugs and kisses
He's the only one who made my feel this way
My heart doesn't want him to go away
So, the question is, "Is he the one?"
Well, I guess the answer is YES, he is the only one. 



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  2. @ A

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