Established in 1991 in Germany by Thomas and Alexandra Batsch, Online has become a trendsetter in the writing industry with its high-quality writing utensils for students, young people, and for those young at heart. The term “online” was coined by the founders which means being up-to-date in reference to writing.The company focuses on producing writing instruments for school and office with high quality level for functionality and technology.

Last Thursday, July 2, 2015, Online Germany officially launched its products here in the Philippines. Held at EDSA Beverage Design Studio, the event was a huge success. It was attended by different groups of young and adult designing teams like Type Kita Manila and of course, Abbey Sy, who also recently launched her very first book, The ABC's of Hand Lettering.

I attended the event with my boyfriend and blogger friends, Kate of The Bookaholic Blurbs and Dianne of Oops! I Read a Book Again who brought her sister, Lianne, with her. We had a great time talking about pens and there's even a mini calligraphy session with some of the calligraphers who attended the launch. EDSA Beverage Design Studion served buffet food, cocktails and coffee to guests.

I was lucky enough to have a short chat with Online's Business Development Manager, Mr. Alexander Batsch.

Here's the run through of our short conversation:

Me: What makes Online Pens different from other brands of pens?

Alexander: They are very fashionable. So we will change our collections every year for youngline and also every year for topline. So there is a change before Christmas season for the topline items and before the school season for the youngline items. We are always developing something that is very close to the trends that we see in fashion. So you can use our products like lifestyle products. It's not just a pen, it's also your personal item to express your style, your personal feelings, you can play around with the colors cause' it's something very unique.

M: I have a collection of pens, actually, so when National Book Store invited me, I was like "Oh yeah! I'm going to attend it!"

A: Great! Great!

M: Are you fascinated in calligraphy? Lettering?

A: I'm still practicing. So I have a very good teacher. She is an Australian partner. When she was in Germany she was also practicing with me, together with my calligraphy skills, or just my fine penmanship. Bacause I think you need to have this as a basis for starting doing real calligraphy. So I'm working on that, to have really proper penmanship, but of course, there's a lot to do for business, so time is short.

M: That's true. I'm also practicing calligraphy as a kind of hobby. And we actually have a great team here in Manila! Abbey Sy, she's one of my inspirations whenever I practice my lettering skills.

A: Nice! That's great. Is your online pen a calligraphy pen or a regular pen? Oh this is a regular pen. But that's also fine. Is it already inked inside?

M: I think not yet. I haven't tried it yet.

A: Okay. Calligraphy or fine writing looks even better with you have a wider nib. But let's see and try. Let me show you our calligraphy pen, it's one of our best sellers.

With Mr. Alexander Batsch
Mr. Batsch showed my his handwriting and wow he writes so straight even without guidelines! He showed me the difference of their regular pen and calligraphy pen.

Online Launch Photo Dump

Of course I took a lot of pictures; I love the ambiance of EDSA Beverage Design Studio!

They gave us our own Online Pen and got our name engraved on it!

They included a fountain pen and Abbey Sy's book in our kit! 

*more pictures coming soon!*

They have a wide variety of pens with different colors and designs that will surely fit anyone's taste and personality. My Online pen writes so fine on any surface I put my paper on and doesn't snag on the paper fibers! Thanks to National Book Store for the invite, especially to JB, Chad and Louie! Your marketing team is the best!


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