I've watched a couple of "What's in my bag" videos from  youtubers, especially beauty gurus, and lately, I've read the WIMB blog post by my bookish friend Sab of Sab the Book Eater. So here I am, with my What's In My Bag? post!

First of all, I'm always using this black shoulder bag (not the above photo, though) I scored from a thrift shop near the subdivision I live in. I love thrift shops! I guess being a bookworm explains why: I spend more money on books than bags, clothes and shoes. This bag is very spacious inside that I can even put a pair of shoes and an extra shirt in here!

Anyway, here are the contents of my bag:

1. Starbucks Planner
Yeah. I looooooove Starbucks. I love their coffee, I love their tea, I love their store. That's why it wasn't hard for me to collect stickers to avail their planner. Plus, I really need a planner to plot my scheduled meetings, fieldworks and other plans.

2. Small Notebook
My current work is a curriculum provider company so I attend a lot of meetings and I'm always on field. I need a small notebook to take note of the important things I meet along the way. Especially that sometimes, I'm a teacher. ;)

3. Pencil case
I love collecting different ballpens in different colors! I love doodling on my notebook, planner, scratch papers, and any writing surface I get a hold of. But no, I don't vandalize.

4. Book
I always carry a book with me. But not during rainy days.

5. Kobo Glo E-reader
During rainy days, I don't bring print books because oh the fear of getting it soaked. But I ALWAYS bring my Kobo with me everytime I leave the house.

6. Cellphones
I think this is pretty obvious. I always carry two cell phones: my personal phone and my office phone. I don't want to incorporate my work with my personal contacts.

7. Cellphone Charger
My cellphone charger also serves as my Kobo's charger since that have the same charging pins. I freak out whenever I left my charger at home. This is part of my I Am Ready tools. You never know when you will run out of battery charge, right?

8. Earphones
I'm a commuter, so to avoid stress during my travel to anywhere, I listen to music.

9. Wallet
Uhh. Obviously. Hehe

10. Scientific calculator
I don't like numbers. I hate Math. So I really don't know why I can't leave the house without my sci-cal. Weird me.

11. Make-up bag
I don't wear heavy make-up. I'm that plain face + red lipstick kind of girl. I don't use eye and cheeks make-up. So basically, my kikay kit only contains liquid foundation, pressed powder, eyeliner (winged eyeliner is my type) and any shade of lipstick (except coral).

12. Other essentials
The other things I always bring with me are tissue paper, wet wipes, a pair of scissors, lighter (I don't smoke, though) These are also parts of my I Am Ready Tools. Girl scout forever over here!

So, there. I don't mind the weight of my bag as long as I have the above things inside it. I feel like I can survive with just these things.

How about you, what's in your bag? It'd be great to share your post if you have, or you can make one!


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