New Feature: Bookmarked!

Hooray for my blog's new feature, Bookmarked! I recently got interested in tweaking my blog and designing graphics on Photoshop. I also tried making bookmarks inspired by my favorite books' covers and of course, my favorite quotes. So I decided to showcase my works through my blog. They may not be as beautiful as you can imagine but I'm proud of them! Practice makes perfect, right? ;) This is also inspired by my blogger friend Kazhy of My Library in the Making's feature, Mark that Book! Go see her works! :)

For my introductory post of this new feature, here's my blog's personalized swag.


Calling Cards

I recently got the calling cards printed with the help of Ego Friendly Designs. They're pretty cute!

So, what can you say about them? I'd like to hear from you! You can suggest what books you want me to feature on "Bookmarked!" + your favorite quote/s! :)



  1. These are so cute! Thank you again for giving me these awesome book marks/business cards! :D

    1. Thanks! No problem! See you again next time! :)

  2. Awww, I love your bookmarks/calling cards to death! Thank you for giving me 2 of them. I wish mine were as pretty as yours! :)


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