Tea-rrific Topic #1: My Reading Journey + Reading Essentials

(Tea-rrific Topics will be about my book blogging issues and tips for readers and bloggers out there. For now, that will do the magic. It's not really final on what my topics will be so please watch out for my future posts!)

I think it's very obvious that I loooooooove to read. I've been a reader since kindergarten and my parents has always been supportive of that. My mom didn't had a hard time teaching me how to read since I've always been eager to know what those words on the books mean and how they were associated with the pictures with it. Plus, I love to draw. I'm pretty good at it. ;)

I grew up reading Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High, and Goosebumps. I also had a complete collection of the comic book magazine W.I.T.C.H. Then at the age 13, I started having an interest in reading classics, historical fictions, memoirs, biographies, autobiographies, and fiction contemporary novels. I don't read much Young Adult back then. My YA journey started with Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer and Blue is for Nightmare series by Laurie Faria Stolarz.  Since then, I shifted reading from classics to young adult books. My love for reading is accompanied by my love of writing. I'm a campus journalist when I was in highschool, and I became the Editor-in-Chief during my senior year. I also love to write poems. I have a blog for them named The Tongue-tied Poet.

I started blogging when I was in second year college, while I surfed around Goodreads. Since I was already blogging about my personal life before, I realized it would be a great idea to have a blog about my passion for books. I can finally have a space where I can rant over my feels and meet other people with the same passion (since I don't have many friends who love reading).

Before, it's not really important to me whether I have a copy of the book I like. But since I started blogging, I can no longer stop myself buying books. Before, I don't do highlights or put marks/tabs on the pages where I find quotes that touch me, but now, I'm pretty obsessed with buying bookmarks and post-its. I even carry a notebook with me so I can write down my rants about a certain book anytime and make a list of the books I want to buy. Yeah, I know it's easier to use my cellphone but I just like to write them down. I also use my cellphone by the way, sometimes.

And now, I would like to share with you my reading essentials. These are basically the things I need to have as a bookworm:

1. Discount and membership cards of our local book stores. And yes, a Starbucks card for my coffee and tea addiction!

2. TBR (To-be-read) Jar. A facebook friend suggested that I make one so that when I can't decide on what book should I read next, I can just pick one!

3. Highlighting materials. Highlighter pens (But no, I don't highlight my books. They're for educational books) and post-its for marking the pages I love the most!

4. Bookmarks. I love collecting bookmarks! Actually, I intend to buy a bookmark that would match my next read!

5. Planner. To keep track of my everyday to-do's. I love reading but of course I don't want it to be the reason I don't finish the tasks I need to. Also, as a blogger, I also keep track of the blog tours I signed up to.

6. Pen and Notebook. This is where I write down my thoughts and reviews about the books I read. I can't go out of the house without a pen and a notebook inside my bag.

7. My Kobo Glo e-Reader. I love to read on physical books but sometimes, I don't bring them with me especially during rainy days and because I'm scared them might get damaged or what. So, to fill in my love for books, I bought an e-Reader. This Kobo reads EPUB formats only. I have a Kindle app on my phone.

8. Dictionary. I may have a thing for words and my friends call me "The Walking Dictionary" but I still need this to improve my vocabulary and grammar!

And, to sum up my reading essentials, I bought something to serve as my reading kit. It's called a Habi Binder.

Taken from the Habi Binders' facebook page, here are some facts/description to let you know more about them:

*Habi is a 13” x 9” multifunctional binder that allows easy organization and caters to the needs of the present generation such as the emergence of tablet computers. The Habi binder features pockets, compartments and a secured tablet computer slot. 
The Habi binder comes in a variety of Filipino inspired designs made up of woven fabrics sourced from different places such as:

-T’boli tnalak fabric from T’boli weavers in Lake Sebu 
-Native woven fabric from Benguet province 
-Abaca fabric from Cebu
*Habi means 'weave'

I got my Habi Binder through my blogger friends, Sab of Sab the Book Eater. She's one of the people behind the mini company that started the Habi Binders project. Check out her post about this wherein she introduced it as her Reading Kit! Click here.

So, there it is! My first discussion post. What about you? Share about your reading journey in the comments or give me a link if you already discussed about this thing on your blog! You can also tell me about your reading essentials! *wink*



  1. Huzzah for Habi! It's sooo cool, isn't it? :)

  2. I didn't know it was possible to lust over bookmarks until I saw your collection

  3. Yes to discount cards, haha! Mine's Fully Booked. I don't go to National for reading books. :) I also keep a box of post-its nearby! I lose a lot of my bookmarks, which is pretty sad. So now I keep them in a box on my shelf for safekeeping! :) Awesome post! <3

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings


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