New Feature: Tea-rrific Topics

It's obvious that I love reading, that's why I created this blog. So I can post my bookish rants endlessly. But there are times that I also take a break from reading, and I come to think of some other bookish things. I've been blogging for more than a year now, and in that short span of my blogging life, I learned a lot of things and met a lot of new friends. Some of them were bloggers like me, some were just into reading, and some of them were the lovely authors of the books I read! I know there's already a lot of discussion posts out there by other bloggers, but I just want to name my own. Some of my future posts might be discussed already, but who knows? There has to be (even a little) a difference between our points of view, right? So my bookish readers, I present to you, Tea-rrific Topics, hosted by yours truly, the tea-rrific reader, Algel.

So, basically, my Tea-rrific Posts will be about:

  • my book blogging issues
  • tips for readers and bloggers out there
For now, that will do the magic. It's not really final on what my topics will be so please watch out for my future posts!

Here's a glimpse of what my first post will be about:

Can you guess what my first topic is? See you next week for my first Tea-rrific Post! :)



  1. I see a highlighter! Is the topic about highlighting pages of the books? Like favorite quotes and passages? :) can't wait to read your post! This is a great idea :)

    Geeky Chiquitas

    1. Hi, Kimi! Thanks for dropping by! Mmm, good guess! But we'll see about that! :D

  2. Can't wait for this post! you use while reading books? HEHEHEHEHE

    1. It can be! But.. No :P Watch out later this week :)))


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