Book Launch + Giveaway: BLACK MOON (Ink #3) by Holly Hood

Black Moon (Ink #3)
by Holly Hood
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Slade saved her life...
but none of that matters anymore...

Torn between her love for Slade and her own existence, Hope has to fight to keep one while battling to save the other. They say it all falls apart in the end. Walking away isn’t always easy.
Hope believed in Slade…
But sometimes belief has a horrible way of destroying your life.
Can their love survive or will it all just fall apart?

Holly Hood

I'm a toledoan, born and raised in Toledo, Ohio my whole life pretty much. I was lucky enough to enjoy the south for three years, and I loved it.

I am a mother of four beautiful kids, a wife, sister, friend, reality tv and music junkie. And I enjoy a good book, one that has me laughing so hard I could puke, or maybe something that makes me cry. I have always been one that enjoyed a tear jerker, probably why I am so fond of Grey's anatomy, and Celebrity rehab.

Writing is the road to freedom for me, I have always enjoyed it since I was around 11 years old.

INT'L GIVEAWAYS (Yes, with an 'S'!)

1st Giveaway: e-book by author Brandi Salazar and a $20 Amazon gift card

 2nd Giveaway: Ink Series: Bundle! (includes Ink, Twisted Magic and Black Moon!) and a $10 Amazon gift card


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