I have the right to remain silent.

Lately, a lot of things kept on entering my mind. Thoughts, doubts, realizations, a lot. There are times when I feel like my mind's gonna burst due to over thinking. I often caught myself staring at nowhere, losing concentration on the things I do. Sometimes, I'm not even aware of what I'm doing. I know I should talk to someone and spit out whatsoever is on my mind; to share what's playing inside my head, to talk about how I feel. But I don't know why I can't. It's just that I don't want to talk about them, feeling that things might just get worse. I know that if I blurt out the things inside my head, there are people who will get involved, and I don't want that to happen. I guess it's better to just keep it to myself whatever enters my mind, as long as I can hold onto it.



  1. Thinking is a very common form of procrastination- nobody would rather empty their mind; meditate, breathe and just move on to another thing. It's natural to mull things over & I won't tell you worrying won't help- because trying not to worry is harder. Especially when it's not procrastinating, when it's just simply the thing you do in that moment before you drift off- or the several hours more like. But I will tell you that actually confronting the silly niggles first is a great place to start. Most go for solutions of the bigger issues but it's easier to use stepping stones than to swim against the current. One day you may find the stepping stones have lead you to a place where you can 'go with the flow'. I wish this for you with my bookwormish soul! :D

  2. @AwesomeAmy

    "Trying not to worry is harder" -- i like this line the most! There are times when I feel like emptying my head just to avoid having these cloud of doubts and nonsense stuff. But I know that it's better to be thinking rather than being numb of the things happening around me. Thank you for your inspiring comment! Good day! :>

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  4. That is what writing is for! When your mind is bursting with disparate thoughts and ideas it means you're bubbling creatively and that's the time to apply some discipline and move on making those thoughts cohere.


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